Spring Fashion Trends

Bermuda Shorts

Who wears short shorts? Not this season, folks! 2019 is seeing a resurgence of shorts that fall just above the knee. Bermuda shorts exude chic comfort, and we love the variety of fabrics and patterns you can find them in. A great pair of black denim Bermuda shorts is a casual weekend must-have! Pair with sneakers and a loose blouse for an easy-breezy look. Weekend date? Pair your shorts with wedge sandals for a “lift” of sophistication. Tip: customize your own Bermuda shorts by revamping your favorite pants… a pair of scissors and a stitched hem should do the trick! This is a great way to get extra life out of those jeans that have since turned into highwaters, or perhaps a pair you find at Goodwill that you want to make your own!


This season, beige is anything but boring! This neutral hue is sophisticated, classic and oh-so-versatile. Look to your local Goodwill for clothing and accessories donning beige in a variety of textures, tones and patterns. Keep your beige look fresh with special pops of other spring earth-tones, including earthy green, bright burgundy or even deep brown. If your typical style involves a lot of bright colors, you can still incorporate this trend into your look; start by adding subtle details of beige through your accessories or utilize them on a base outfit piece (such as a blazer). There’s no wrong way to pull off beige, so do what works best for you and your style!


If beige just wasn’t for you, then hit the opposite end of the color spectrum with this season’s other hottest trend… neon! This trend shows up every few years, and we love to see the latest take on it. While some designers are sporting head-to-toe neon outfits, we like the subtler approach. You can pull this off easily through shoes that have a pop of neon, or even fun costume jewelry rocking some pops of color. You’ll even find that clothing pieces have a playful touch this season as well – through a side stripe on dress pants, or details along a blouse. Sunglasses required, but don’t worry… we sell those too!

Top-handle Bags

You might be thinking to yourself, aren’t all handbags “top handled?” The answer is yes… and no. Top-handle bags, as it refers to the hot handbag trend of 2019, are given their name in reference to their structured, almost square-like, shape. And of course, the handle that sits at the top. The result is a look that’s clean, polished and chic. You’ll find a variety of sizes available in this trend, but we think a small/medium size faux-leather bag is just what your spring look needs! Leather will last you through the season, while the size ensures you can go from day to night without a bag swap.

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