Spring Trends - Home Decor

Circle patterns

It all comes full circle! Get it? Circle patterns have been used in the past to give a funky, mod feel to home décor, and this season they’re back with their same cheerful and playful vibe. We suggest starting small with accent pieces; pillows, hallway rugs, lamp shades, etc. Feel free to pair with fun textures like fuzzy rugs for an extra playful atmosphere. The size of the circle also makes a big difference too. For a minimalistic and chic look, stick to small polka dots on a white background. Want a mod, bold feel? Bigger dots in a range of colors is just the ticket!


Keep your home cozy with the softer hues of the green color palette, including olive green and chartreuse. And these two paired together? Amazing! We love chartreuse in a rich, velvet texture. It’s both fun and unexpectedly carefree for spring. Larger accent pieces are a really fun way to add this pop of color to your home – nightstands in the bedroom, an entryway bench or even captain’s chairs at the dining table are simply perfect. If olive green is your route of choice, you should make a big splash with it; so, take to the walls! Both hues pair really well with all wood grains so these will transition easily into your current décor.


Give your home a bit of well-traveled flair with artisan accents! Think woven textures and worldly objects. The easiest way to do this? Baskets! And Goodwill has plenty. For an extra artisan feel, look for baskets with a little color woven in. These work great as magazine holders or a place to throw extra pillows and rugs. Functional storage that’s on trend is the best kind! Another fun way to incorporate this trend is through souvenir-esk pieces; handmade knickknacks and art prints are perfect conversation pieces.


This hue is just too pretty to leave out of your home décor! Lavender is perfect for bringing out the rest of your home décor design. When paired with rustic wood details, lavender brings out a dreamy, whimsical feel that we swoon over. Going for something a little edgier? Lavender paired with leather gives a moody look with the perfect touch of chic. Look for accent pieces, such as vases, rugs, pillows and throw blankets to get started!