Spring 2017 Home Décor Trends

Keeping with that fresh feeling that spring brings, this season’s home décor trends are all about color and texture. We love that each helps to create a living space that’s both renewed and carefree. Add each to your home this season, or pick the one that your home needs the most!

Green Decor


Bright green, dark green, calm green or loud green… this earth-inspired hue is where it’s at this season!  Our favorite take on it is the muted hue of eucalyptus green. It’s calm, fresh, and its stunning blue and green undertones allow for some really pretty color pairings. Look for it in wall décor, paint for small furniture pieces and décor accessories.





Texture adds a little something extra to home décor; a bit of intrigue and a lot of style! Turn it up a notch this spring by mixing your textures together. Try a simple velvet throw over a leather chair (your throw is a fun way to add in that green trend, too!). Wood grains paired with industrial features, often found in coffee tables, is a great way to pull off this trend too. You can add your own touches of wood to already existing pieces to pull this look off!


Modern Nightstand

Modern Nightstands

Bedding tends to get all of the focus, but this season, the nightstand is standing out as a unique place to step up your home décor game. Designers are showing us nightstands with a more DIY, homemade touch to them – this calls for Pinterest browsing time! That homemade touch means more natural wood finishes, and plenty of room for creativity. Head to Goodwill to look for a nightstand that you can add your own modern spin to!

Quote Artwork

Quote Artwork

Inspiration can be found all around, so why not have it on your walls? We love this trend because it blends both visual and emotional art. And, you can easily create your own custom pieces using your favorite art and quotes. Our favorite take on this trend are quotes placed over maps. You can also place quotes over book pages for a really unique piece! Each of those incorporates really well in office spaces, and even children’s rooms.