Fall Home Decor Trends

Vintage Scandinavian

The Scandinavian home décor trend, known for its minimalist and functional aspects, really took off late in 2017. This fall, you’ll start to see it take on a vintage look, and we couldn’t be more excited! Think 1950’s nostalgia meets the modern “Scandi” vibe. The best place in your home to pull this off is the kitchen; it’s the perfect location to mix that streamlined, clean look with fun antique touches. A big trend with Scandi décor is storage that’s functional. Look to Goodwill’s home décor section for kitchen canisters that are simplistic, yet have that touch of character (textures, patterns, etc.) to evoke that vintage appeal.

(Photo: https://sjoystudios.com )   

Decor - Vintage Scandinavian


You’ve got that right; fashion’s classic winter hue is swapping realms and stepping into the home décor limelight for fall! Black is such a great color to work with in home décor, especially in accessories, so we’re super excited to see its popularity growing. Look for pieces such as vases, small rugs, mirror frames or even small furniture pieces. See a great decorative piece at Goodwill, but it’s not black? That’s what paint is for! Matte black paint works best in these cases. Pair alongside classic neutrals to keep your space from looking too dreary.

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Decor - Black

Blonde Wood

Do blondes really have more fun? Well, this fall, and in the home décor world they do! We’re used to seeing darker wood tones making an appearance this time of year, but warm blonde hues will be shining through instead. Incorporate this trend into your home through accent pieces… end tables, lamps, frames, etc. The warmth of blonde wood pairs beautifully with fall’s earthy oranges, greens and (thanks for this season’s other trend) blacks!

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Decor - Blonde Wood


Ahhh, we cannot get enough of this trend! For us, it’s all about the rich materials used to create home décor pieces. Just a few materials that ooze luxury include velvet, brass and marble. What’s great about this trend is that you can incorporate it minimally in all areas of your home: a tray with marble details in the bathroom… velvet accent pillows in the living room… brass on your wall sconces… these small touches create a home of pure decadence without giving off an extravagant vibe.

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Decor - Luxe

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