Goodwill Guess the Price Game

April 2021: Goodwill Outlet Shopping Spree

Our April 2021 "Guess the Price Game" is now complete. Thank you to all who participated!
And now, the moment you've all been waiting for... the total cost of this Goodwill Outlet Shopping Spree was $38.19!
Congratulations to our winner, L.B., of Northbrook, IL!

Total Cost of this Shopping Spree:

Check out the price break-down of this shopping spree.
  • Purses*: 4.14 lbs. X $1.39 = $5.75
  • Shoes*: 2.63 lbs. X $1.39 = $3.66
  • Soft lines (clothes)*: 3.67 lbs. X $1.39 = $5.10
  • Hard lines (luggage, games, decor)*: 12.00 lbs X $1.39 = $16.68
  • Media (Books, DVDs, CDs): 7 items X $1.00 = $7.00

    TOTAL: $38.19

At the Goodwill Outlet, most items are priced by the pound! View the Goodwill Outlet's pricing guide here.

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