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Living Amazing in 2012 with Goodwill

Transition Your Wardrobe

Posted by Holly Hirsch on Sep 1, 2012 2:38:00 AM
transition wardrobe

The biggest problem many of us face when fall comes, is what to wear. The fact that some days are blistering hot, while others are freezing doesn't help for wardrobe planning either! The key to transitioning your wardrobe is to get the most use out of both your summer and your fall items from August to November. Besides looking fashion forward, you'll also save money by not replacing your wardrobe each season!

Tips to Transition your Wardrobe:

  • Wear black & gold: Black and gold together adds a great three-dimensional impact to your wardrobe. While you can't go wrong with black any time of year, it does help bring your look into fall. Gold keeps the look fresh and fun, so you won't feel like you've lost that summer vibe. Visit Goodwill for your black and gold essentials!
  • Wear fall hues in summer clothing: You can continue wearing your favorite comfortable short sleeved tees, but wear them in tones that evoke fall, such as chianti, plum and forest green. The same goes for shorts, capris and summer dresses.
  • Make sandals last: There's no rule that says you have to put away your cute summer sandals when wearing pants. Unless there's snow on the ground, keep wearing your sandals! A black pant and jacket look adorable with a pair of gold sandals, with jewelry to match!
  • Invest in tights: Tights are a must-have for getting the most out of your summer clothing. We suggest a pair in black or grey, and brown. Begin wearing them under your dress shorts and summer dresses. Your legs will stay warm in the crispy fall weather, but you're still getting to wear your summer items! Feel free to go bold with patterned tights, just keep your shorts or dress simple to not over-do it. Check the shelves of Goodwill for a pair of tights in your favorite shades!
  • Always have a jacket on hand: You can still wear your tee shirts and dresses, but be sure to keep a light-weight jacket on hand at the office, or in the car. That way you're prepared if the weather turns cold quickly.
  • Wear white on white: Even after Labor Day, white on white is perfectly acceptable. The color screams summer, but you can layer clothing to stay warm. We love the look of white dress pants, with a basic tee shirt, a white jacket and fuzzy scarf. It's both fresh and cozy!
  • Add boots: If you wear this style correctly, boots with shorts or summer dresses make a great combination! The key is to wear boots that don't look like they're ready for winter's snow. Cowboy boots or variations of that look typically work the best. Be sure that the top of the boot doesn't hit any farther than mid-calf; as winter boots tend to hit higher. Our go-to September look is a casual summer dress paired with brown leather boots!

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