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Living Amazing in 2012 with Goodwill

DIY Fall Crafts

Posted by Holly Hirsch on Sep 1, 2012 2:21:00 AM

As the weather cools down in the fall, and we're forced to stay indoors more and more, it's the perfect time of year for our crafty sides to come out! It's not too early for pumpkins, but we'll save that for October! These fall crafts highlight the rustic appeal of Autumn.

corn huskCornhusk Votive

We love this simple and gorgeous idea from Martha Stewart. Look to Goodwill for your votive holders. Whether they are all the same height or not, these look beautiful clustered in the middle of a dining table. Use cornhusks from corn on the cob eaten at home, or visit your local garden shop; most garden stores typically carry cornhusks this time of year. A little double-sided tape and a pretty ribbon will secure the fragile husks around the votives!




gourdGourd Birdhouse

Did you know that making a birdhouse out of natural gourds is not only eco-friendly, but in fact, birds are more drawn to this natural nesting place? We also love how economical they are; they last for years and supplies are minimal! This how-to manual from eHow explains very simply how to complete this craft. Visit your local garden store to find a gourd with nice long neck, and thinner sides. Tip: gourds can take anywhere from two weeks to several months to fully dry out, so start looking for your gourd now!




nutNut Wreath

In the fall, a variety of hard-shelled nuts are harvested, from almonds and hazelnuts, to pecans and walnuts. Many grocery stores will also display large bins of nuts that are perfect to feature during the holidays. We love this alternative way to feature them from Martha Stewart. For those who don't like to eat nuts, this homemade wreath is perfect; it's rustic, screams Autumn, and is simple to do! You'll use any hard-shelled nuts, even acorns you gather from your own backyard will work!



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