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Dorm Room Necessity - The Laundry Bag

Posted by Merri Cvetan on Aug 8, 2017 4:10:48 PM
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Pillowcase Laundry Bag

Since we’re still in the back-to-school mode, I came up with another dorm room necessity—the laundry bag. If you had trouble getting your teens to pick their dirty clothes up off the floor at home, offer them a little help while they’re away at school.

I give you the pillow case laundry bag. It takes minutes to make, and doesn’t require any sewing or power tools!

This project requires only three (count ‘em three) things:

An embroidery hoop. (I find them all the time at Goodwill. I guess embroidery has fallen out of fashion.)

Embroidery Hoop

A pillowcase. (Also easy to find at Goodwill.)


And, a piece of string.

dorm room laundry bag

Separate the two hoops. Place the opening end of the pillowcase inside the smaller hoop.

dorm room laundry bag

Fold the top of the pillowcase over the hoop.

dorm room laundry bag

Cover the first hoop and pillowcase with the larger hoop. Evenly distribute the excess fabric around the circle and tighten the screw at the top.

Tie a piece of string or ribbon to the screw. It’s ready to hang on any hook, bedpost or door knob. Keeping dirty laundry in one place is a no-brainer. You can easily remove the pillowcase to wash if it starts smelling funky and when you’re done, insert a pillow and use it on your bed.

dorm room laundry bag

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