Halloween DIY Crafts - Creepy Halloween Display with Merri Cvetan

Looking to add some creepiness to your Halloween decor? Here's a few simple, inexpensive ideas from Goodwill Home Décor & Halloween Decorating Expert Merri Cvetan. Start with an old weathered trellis, add cobwebs, some Halloween accessories and you have a decorative haunted wall. Then, find an old table at Goodwill, fill up some creepy specimen jars with skulls or detached doll parts, add a candle and voila - a tabletop of horrors!


Halloween DIY Crafts - Front Porch Decor with Merri Cvetan

Goodwill Home Décor Expert Merri Cvetan offers a couple, easy Halloween DIY crafts that will help get your Trick-or-Treat goers in the festive mood.


Halloween DIY Crafts - Ghoulish Illuminated Lamp Covers

Here's a great Halloween DIY project that even the kids will enjoy! Purchase some ceiling fan lamp covers and black craft felt. Using scissors, cut out eyes and mouth and glue onto the lamp covers. Yup, it's that easy! Now add a flame-less votive candle, an LED light, light strings, or other flame-less light source, and you've got your own ghoulish Halloween decoration!

Halloween DIY Crafts - Haunted Figurines

Looking for an easy Halloween DIY project? Here it is! Find small figurines or small toys at Goodwill, add a little black spray paint, and some red craft paint to create a set of spooky, haunted figurines to dress up your décor.

Create your Look at Goodwill - ZomBee Costume

What's black and yellow, with a frenetic demeanor? It's a Zom-Bee! You'll find everything you need to create this look at your local Goodwill Store and Donation Center.

Create your Look at Goodwill - Caddy Hack Costume

Create your Halloween DIY costumes at Goodwill! Caddy Hack is our golf caddy, who becomes a bit unhinged? Maybe it was that double bogie from the sand trap? Find items at our store, including ghostly makeup, golf visor, vest and clothing, a wig, golf clubs, golf shoes, and fake machete. Look out Gopher! There you have it...a one-of-a-kind costume, without the huge price tag!

How To Make a Halloween DIY Spider Web Vase at Goodwill

Goodwill is the place to go for all your Halloween DIY crafts. Here's a Halloween Spider Web Vase that is super-easy to complete. Goodwill has vases, flowers, fake spiders, cobwebs and more - to get you started.

Create Your Look at Goodwill - 

Field Of Screams Ghostly Baseball Player

Create your look at Goodwill this Halloween! Try our Ghostly Baseball player called Field of Screams. Find items at Goodwill, including ghostly makeup, a baseball cap, jersey, pants, cleats, and a baseball bat. There you have it...a one-of-a-kind costume, without the huge price tag!

Bjorn and Merri Halloween How-to Videos

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