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"Table for Two:" Amazing Dinner Setting for Under $25 from Goodwill

Posted by Emma Schneider, Goodwill Guest Blogger on Nov 19, 2019 10:19:56 AM

Hello! My name is Emma and I am a 23-year old nurse-by-night and creative-by-day. I love to thrift, decorate, craft and create. From my wardrobe to my living room, I am always using my creative energy to express myself. My apartment is one of my favorite projects.

IMG_1241This past month I was invited to be a guest blogger for Goodwill. As a guest blogger, I was given one week to purchase a number of items from Goodwill that worked together in an outfit or decorative ensemble.

I have to admit, I was a little intimidated by the challenge.


For those of you who shop at Goodwill, you know it takes multiple trips of buying one or two items at a time to come up with a finished look. You have to check out different Goodwill stores in different areas just to find the “perfect” piece. It’s a hunt, and thrilling when you find exactly what you were looking for.


With a $25 gift card in hand, I created a “table for two.” An intimate setting for a romantic dinner. I was able to purchase a tablecloth, dishware, a hanging flower vase, placemat, candlesticks, and a cake dome. It was such a fun project. Thank you for the opportunity, Goodwill!


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