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Sustainable Kay: How Thrifting Helps Support a Low Waste Lifestyle

Posted by Sustainable Kay on Aug 10, 2021 3:31:41 PM

IG: @sustainable.kay


Thrifting is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental footprint. Being aware of what you buy and how you buy it is a huge part of living a low waste lifestyle. It’s personally one of my favorite ways to shop. The positive benefits of thrifting are endless. It does not require new materials or resources to be used, it is very cost-effective, and you can find almost anything secondhand!

A huge environmental benefit of thrifting is that it does not require new materials. When you purchase things that already exist, new resources are not used to create that item. This is especially big when it comes to items that cannot be properly recycled, such as certain types of plastic. The demand for new items is also decreased with more people thrifting, so fewer new items are produced. Overall, the impact of thrifting is so much less than buying brand-new things.


You can find almost anything secondhand nowadays. People sell or giveaway a variety of different things including clothes and accessories, baby items, toys, household decor, furniture, kitchen items, craft supplies, and even electronics! You can get these things at your local thrift store or online as well. People make trips to their local Goodwill to donate all sorts of items, some of them still with the tags on them or barely even used. The beauty of thrifting is that it can be fairly easy to find what you need or want. I’ve also found items that I didn’t even know I needed. Two of my favorite purses that I use every week are from Goodwill, and most all of my other accessories are thrifted too. It’s also great to let go of what no longer serves you by donating your unwanted item. This keeps these items out of landfills and helps give back to the community. Every once in a while, I like to declutter my house and I go through and collect things I am no longer using to be donated.


Another one of the many perks to a low waste-conscious lifestyle is saving money. With thrifting, you can vote with your dollar, and sometimes for only a few dollars, to choose something slightly used or even almost brand new. Whenever I find something that still has the tags on it, that’s even more of a score! It’s cool to look at the original tag and see what you would have paid for that item new. You can find anything from vintage blouses to designer purses, for a fraction of what these items would normally cost. Shopping second-hand is the most budget-friendly way to shop if you are looking for an item but don’t want to pay full price.


There are so many ways that thrifting supports a low waste lifestyle. It helps reduce waste and save resources while being a shopping option that is light on your wallet. Donating the things that you no longer use is a great way to clean your space without throwing things away. It also gives your items a chance at a new life with someone that will use them. You never know what you might find!



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