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5 Creative Ways to Wear a Scarf

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Sep 22, 2020 12:14:31 PM

Scarf Day

Mark your calendar now: September 27 is National Scarf Day. No matter your style, there’s a scarf for you.

These days, scarves come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and materials. Looking for a scarf to add a pop of color to your work outfit? Try a colorful silk scarf. Need something to keep you warm during a fall hike? An oversized plaid scarf fits the bill.

There is also a variety of ways to wear your favorite scarves. Here are five creative ways to incorporate a scarf into your outfit:

1. Wrap it around your neck – A classic slip knot is timeless. But you might also try draping your scarf loosely around your neck, tie it up in a bow or even add a small braid for a whole new look.

2. Tie it around your head – Fold your scarf into a narrow band and tie it on as a pretty headband. If you want to make more of a statement, take a square-shape scarf and fold it into a triangle shape. Place the longest edge of the triangle along your forehead. Tie the ends behind your head.

3. Loop it onto your handbag – Give your handbag a bit of extra style by tying a color-coordinated silk scarf onto the handle.

4. Wear it as a belt – Weave your scarf through your pant belt loops. You might also consider wearing it tied around your waist to cinch a loose fit cardigan or jacket. For a dressier look, tie a colorful silk scarf around the top of a skirt and tie the ends into a bow.

5. Make a cape – Cozy blanket scarves are great for draping around your neck or shoulders. But you can also turn them into a chic cape. Fold one in half to create a large triangle. Then, drape it over your shoulders so the ends hang down. Add a belt and you have a unique cape that’s perfect for the fall and winter months!

In need of a new scarf at a wallet-friendly price? Goodwill has scarves in a variety of shapes, colors, patterns and materials. Find a Goodwill store location near you.


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