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How to Get (Sustainably) Cozy for Fall - Sustainable Kay

Posted by Sustainable Kayla on Oct 28, 2021 8:21:36 AM

By Goodwill Guest Blogger Kayla | IG: @sustainable.kay 



Along with so many others, the heart of fall is one of my favorite times of the year. A perfect crisp fall day to me is throwing on a sweater, baking something sweet and spicy, lighting a candle, and cuddling up with a warm drink and some blankets. I usually put up some simple decorations around the house at the beginning of the season, and of course I do it sustainably. I love shopping at Goodwill for seasonal items because it’s affordable, eco-friendly, and you never know what you might find!   




There’s one section I hit up at the thrift store every time, and that’s the sweater section. My number one tip is to always look in both the men’s and women’s sections! The men’s section usually has great neutral options and a variety of larger sizes for a more oversized look. I also recommend doing this when looking for flannels and shackets. Most of the corduroy button-ups I own are from Goodwill, and those always pair nicely with my secondhand Doc Marten’s. Boots are also another easy thing to find when thrifting. The last pair of ankle booties I found for myself was brand new with the tags! And if you need a Halloween costume, they have a wide variety of those as well. Why buy a brand new one when you can reuse one that was probably only worn once?  



Most of the décor in our home is thrifted or secondhand from my mom’s basement. Whenever I want something new to spice up the space, I always head to Goodwill first. They always have a variety of fall décor from wreaths, to mini pumpkins, and leaf shaped candy dishes. I always like to add to the fall vibes with a decorative candle holder on our coffee table. Another thing I enjoy is finding a seasonal beer glass and using it as décor. Nothing says Milwaukee like a pint glass from a local brewery! I like to keep it simple when it comes to decorations and having things around the house that are cute but still useful. All of the trinket boxes, vases, and small mirrors we have are also from Goodwill, and we leave those up year-round. 




To get into the autumn spirit, treat yourself to a cute new-to-you mug! Goodwill has such a big selection. I’ve collected half of my mugs from different Goodwill stores around Milwaukee. I always look for the solid handmade ones in neutral colors. My personal favorite is the Padilla mug set I stumbled upon last year! I get this sense of accomplishment when I find a good quality one to add to my collection. The first sip of a warm beverage out of a new mug is such a comforting feeling.  


Goodwill has so many options for seasonal items, ranging from vintage looks to more modern. They certainly have what you’re looking for, and maybe even a few things that you didn’t know you needed! Shopping secondhand before buying something new is a cost-effective way to find what you need while also helping the planet. It’s easy to find things for the new season when there are so many options with thrifting what you need! 

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