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Halloween Shopping for the Whole Family at Goodwill

Posted by Gabi Loomis on Oct 20, 2021 9:47:52 AM

By: Gabi Loomis | IG: @colormesassy 

Halloween shopping for my family is fun, but it can get spendy quickly. Enter Goodwill! We enjoy wearing different costumes every year and love to decorate our house. A shopping trip to Goodwill means we can get creative with our costumes and stock up on decor while keeping our shopping spree budget-friendly.  


On my recent trip to my local Goodwill Store earlier this month, I found a wide variety of costumes, accessories, and décor for my whole family. 




Planning a Halloween-themed party? Goodwill is the perfect place to shop! I'm not sure if this applies to other Goodwill locations, but at my local Goodwill, always find brand-new products. When I was shopping with my husband Alex, we found Halloween tablecloths, fake spiders, garland, pumpkins, and other festive knick-knacks. I can’t wait to create a spooky-looking table 


My Halloween decor collection is growing thanks to Goodwill. A few years ago, I had very little decor, but now, I have a large bin with all sorts of items that I use to create a new look and feel each year!  

Excited to get in the Halloween spirit? Stop by your local Goodwill Store & Donation Center today!  


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