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Goodwill Staff Picks for Sweetest Day

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Oct 14, 2020 9:33:06 AM

Sweetest Day – October 17 – is just around the corner. Many people mistakenly believe it’s another version of Valentine’s Day, a time to express love for a significant other. But it’s actually a day that’s intended to encourage everyone to be generous with even the smallest gifts and gestures.


Goodwill is a great spot to pick up a little something for all of the special people in your life. Here are a few staff picks from our West Bend store location:


Gary - Two stemmed glassware: "I like these items for Sweetest Day because I like to share champagne with my sweetheart. I found these glasses for $1.99 each!"

Two stemmed glassware

Bonnie - A picture of the beach: "I love this item because we love to live on the beach. We go to Orchid Island and it reminds me of our time there. This item was $12.99 at Goodwill."


Sam – A Scream Halloween mask + toy plastic skull + chain: "I love these gifts for Sweetest Day because my boyfriend has a really dark sense of humor, and we both really like Halloween! The skull was only $0.99, the scream mask was $6.99 and the chain was $2.99!"


Jenny – A drill and saw: "My husband likes tools so that's why these would be the perfect Sweetest Day gift. He'll use them on house projects! These items were $4.99 each."


Tina – Beer Jar and mug: "I chose a jug and it says Game Day Mode. I chose that because my husband likes to go into beast mode sometimes so I thought this was the nicest way to say that and he likes to have a nice beer after a long days work so I thought this would be the perfect combination for a Sweetest Day gift. Each item was only $1.99 each!"


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