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Five Summer Patio Essentials That Elevate Your Space

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Jul 26, 2021 2:00:40 PM


Whether you're planning a family barbeque, hosting a graduation party, or simply relaxing outside on a warm summer night, Goodwill has you covered with all your summer patio must-haves! Want to know our top five picks that will impress your guests? Take a peek below!  

1. Outdoor Speaker  

Create an instant party vibe with a portable outdoor speaker! Don’t forget to whip up an epic playlist for your guests. 


2. Outdoor Pillows 

Show off your style with outdoor pillows for your furniture. Before you start shopping for décor, we recommend choosing a color palette and theme for your patio to create a cohesive look throughout the space.  

 Outdoor Pillows

3. Faux Outdoor Plants 

So maybe you don’t have a green thumb? Faux outdoor plants are a nice way to create a tropical oasis without the hassle of landscaping. 

 Faux Plants and Flowers

4. Drinkware 

Whether you’re sippin’ on iced coffee, wine, or a delicious cocktail, outdoor drinkware is a must.  

 Outdoor Drinkware

5. Coasters

While sometimes overlooked, coasters are not only a convenient way to keep your tables in tip-top shape, but they are also fun décor piece.  



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