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Create the Perfect Costume with Goodwill!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Oct 7, 2015 4:20:21 PM

Create the perfect costume with Goodwill
Hi everyone! It's Mia. So, as you all probably know, it's October which means pumpkins, apples, hot drinks, and ... Halloween! It also means that you should start thinking about what you're going to be for Halloween.

We all know that you don't want to spend a ton of money on a costume that you will only wear once. So, Goodwill has made a big area full of great Halloween costumes and accessories to help you out. And, if you want to make something yourself, you can mix-and-match different clothes to make your own costume. So, in honor of the movie The Scorch Trials that came out not too long ago (and I am obsessed with it), I decided to be the character "Newt.” For this costume I got most everything from Goodwill for only about $15, which is a really good deal for a costume.

First, I got some brown capris that were perfect for Newt, then I got a tan shirt, some brown belts to make his sling (I crisscrossed them to make them look more rugged), and some brown shoes that are similar to the ones he wears in the movies. Now the orange/brown tank top was just a regular top that I had and cut the sleeves off. (Remember to ask your mom or dad if it's okay to cut stuff up!) And, the pouch I made myself using some fabric from the fabric store and hot glue. To finish the look I used eyeliner to make the tattoo that they find on themselves in the book. I really just tried to use makeup to make myself look as rugged and beat up as possible.

I hope this inspired you to make our own costume, and use things that you can get from Goodwill. I'll talk to you soon, bye!

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