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Celebrate National Pet Day with these DIY Crafts from Goodwill!

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Feb 19, 2020 3:24:49 PM

Pamper your pooch (or cat, or reptile, or bird) with a little TLC today, to celebrate "National Pet Day" Here are a few easy-to-do crafts, to help you do just that...

water bowlTraveling Water Bowl

When taking dogs for long walks sometimes its hard to provide them with the hydration they need. Try making this simple water bowl! You'll need two one-liter bottles, an x-acto knife or sharp scissors, and a rubber band or other type of tie. Simply cut one bottle in half lengthwise to create a long shallow trough to pour water into. When it's not being used, it should fit neatly over the other bottle, and held into place with the rubber band. You could also cut the bottle horizontally, to fit over the bottom of the other bottle, if you prefer more of a cup. Pop this (no pun intended!) in a tote bag or backpack and you and your furry friend will be good to go on your travels! 

bedPet Bed

You can purchase a brown suitcase at Goodwill for around $4.99, along with some heavy cotton shams for about $3.99. All you have to do was place an old bed pillow into a plastic garbage bag for protection, and place it inside the sham. Next, open the suitcase and insert the sham! This would also work well for traveling with a canine companion, as you could easily store food, and other doggy supplies inside!

diningDining Station

Using a wooden stool from Goodwill, you could easily replicate this dining station, originally from Martha Stewart. Having your feeding station raised, makes it more comfortable for your pet and keeps the floor cleaner too!


miceMenswear Mice

Look no further than Goodwill to pull off this great pet project! Using assorted menswear fabrics, from suit jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, ties and more, you can create one-of-a-kind mouse toys! Use old pillows for the fill, instead of having to purchase it. Tip: sprinkle the fill with a little catnip before sewing shut to give kitties an extra surprise! 


vestNo-sew Denim Dog Vest

Dog outfits are adorable, but can be quite costly. Why not make your own? You can buy a pair of outdated acid washed denim jeans at Goodwill for $2.99. Then, measure the length of your dog from neck to tail, to determine how much to cut from the pant leg. Next, cut along the seam of the jeans, stopping about six inches before the hem. Then cut two slits for their legs on either side of the seam, and that was it! Now your pup is really styling and are protected!


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