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8 Things You Need For Summer Patio Season

Posted by Goodwill Guest Blogger on Jul 2, 2020 1:54:33 PM

Some call it summer, some call it patio season. Whatever you want to call it, we can all agree it’s prime time to take advantage of the outdoors with loved ones.To help ensure you’re prepared for every beautiful Midwest summer day, we created a list of our top 8 summer essentials that will make your outdoor space even more AMAZING!

1) Beverage dispenser/pitcher

Whether it’s freshly squeezed lemonade, juicy sangria, or even ice cold water, it’s important to have a refreshing beverage on hand to fully appreciate the al fresco experience. Make the convenient and eco-conscious choice of having a large batch of your summer beverages a quick pour away from being enjoyed.



2. Party-ready glassware

With everyone carrying their drinks around, glassware ends up contributing to the summer aesthetic more than one might think. What vibe are you going for? Mason jars, copper mugs, Italian glass bottles and colorful stemless cocktail glasses are all trendy and timeless options that will elevate your function’s festive feel.


3. Serving platters

Now that beverages are covered, it’s time to turn our attention to snacks – and there’s no better way to enjoy your sliced fruits than with a serving tray. With a diverse array of shapes, sizes, and materials, finding the right platter for your cheese and cracker spread or mom’s infamous spinach and artichoke dip will be equally as rewarding for you as well as the rest of the household.



4. Vases

Fresh flowers are a simple, but surefire way to brighten up any space. Accent a few corners with a single flower, or create a giant bouquet-esque centerpiece! Can’t decide? Do both! Why not? Whichever way you choose to go, you’ll need a vase or two to properly display your developed sense of decorative acumen.

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5. Patio/lawn furniture

Create a space where your household can drop everything and sit a spell at your shindig. Mix and match patio chairs, chaise lounges and tables to complete your vision. Not quite ready for all that? No worries – just grab a bench, a few basic lawn chairs, or even a hammock. Toss in a few decorative pillows for added comfort and cohesion, and you’re good to go.


6. Portable speakers

A good set of melodies will enhance the mood and lighten the energy and enhance those summer vibes. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to take your preferred tunes on the go. Small, lightweight, and often with Bluetooth capabilities, portable speakers are a painless way to keep your jubilee joyful!


7. Lawn games

Liven up the household with a little dose of good, ol’ fashioned competitive spirit. Lawn games like badminton, Spikeball, giant Jenga, Bocce, and cornhole, are simple ones that don’t take up a lot of space or set-up time and can also be chill or spirited – depending on your crew. Not your speed? Pull out a board game or two to maintain a sense of camaraderie without all the physical activity.


8. Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting serves a highly practical purpose, in that it quite literally adds light – meaning your conversations can safely and effectively carry on as the sun begins to set. What’s more exciting? Garden lights! Their instant ambiance can add to your gathering space. They’re enchanting, they’re delightful, and they’re the perfect final touch to your outdoor bash.


Ready to successfully host without shelling out big bucks to make it happen?

Check out a Goodwill location near you! Cheers to a delightful summer!



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