Goodwill Cares Community Assistance

Life can throw us trying times.

In those moments – whether getting your household back together after a fire, moving into your own place after homelessness, or recovering after a job loss – we want to ensure that members of our community have access to assistance.To that end, we’ve partnered with a variety of churches, schools, non-profits and government agencies throughout southeastern Wisconsin and metro Chicago to provide a “hand up” through Goodwill Cares Community Assistance.

Goodwill supplements the resources available to organizations like the Sojourner Truth House, North Side Housing of Chicago, the American Red Cross, and VA Medical Centers as they extend relief to individuals and their families during times of hardship. These partnering organizations submit candidates to Goodwill. Goodwill in turn provides merchandise vouchers to these partners to be used at local Goodwill Store & Donation Centers for clothing and household items. In fact, in 2019 alone, 845 agencies partnered with Goodwill to distribute over $370,000 in assistance to 7,500 individuals.

Hear directly from some of our partners on how the Goodwill Cares Community Assistance has impacted their ability to serve the community:

Outreach House: Thank you so much for including us in the voucher assistance program; it has made a big difference for many of our families. I wish you could have heard the gratitude of our clients when they received the extra help. Truly a blessing. We will continue to support Goodwill by doing outreach for your local Workforce Connection Center and continue making frequent donations. Thank you for the work you do to improve the lives of so many families and individuals in our community.

Trinity Services: Your thoughtful contribution helps assure that we will continue to be a leader in providing high quality services and support for people with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

Saint Nicholas Church: We are blessed by your organization’s “good-ness”. God bless you and your wonderful organization.

When you shop or donate at a Goodwill Store & Donation Center, or support the Goodwill mission through a financial contribution, you are strengthening your community and helping us lend support to those who need it most.