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The Goodwill Outlet is Open in Sturtevant

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Apr 5, 2019 12:00:00 AM

Goodwill Outlet Opens July 27

The Goodwill Outlet, located at 1630 Enterprise Drive in Sturtevant, is now open! What makes this store different from our traditional Goodwill Store & Donation Centers? See the FAQs below to learn more.

Goodwill Outlet FAQs

Where is the Goodwill Outlet located?

The Goodwill Outlet is located at 1630 Enterprise Drive in Sturtevant, WI

How is the Goodwill Outlet different from a traditional Goodwill store?

Goodwill Store & Donation Centers receive donated items daily. These items are then sorted, priced and taken to the selling floor.  When an item doesn’t sell at one of our stores it is shipped to the Goodwill Outlet for one last chance at being sold.

How does the Goodwill Outlet work?

The Goodwill Outlet has approximately 120 large rolling tables or bins on the floor at any one time. Every 20 – 30 minutes, the crew will pull 8-12 tables with older merchandise from the floor and add 8 – 12 tables with new goods. Quickly move out of the way when you hear “Cart moving.” Wait until the Goodwill team signals “Okay to shop” before you shop a new row of tables. 

How is merchandise priced at the Goodwill Outlet?

Priced per pound

  • Home Goods/Clothing/Textiles under 25 lbs.- $1.39 per pound
  • Home Goods/Clothing/Textiles over 25 lbs. - $.99 per pound
  • Shoes & Purses under 25 lbs. - $1.39 per pound
  • Shoes & Purses over 25 lbs. - $.99 per pound
  • Electronics - $0.69 per pound
  • Glassware - $0.69 per pound

Priced per Unit

  • DVDs & CDs - $1,  Albums - $1, VHS Tapes - $1
  • Computer Games - $1, Books: Hardcover & Paperback - $1

Priced Individually

  • Furniture
  • Bikes
  • Oversized Items

All items are sold “as is” and all sales are final. Additional discounts do not apply and Outlet purchases do not earn Club Goodwill REwards points.

What happens to merchandise not sold at the Goodwill Outlet?

Unsold items are sorted to be recycled or sold as salvage.

Is merchandise sorted by category?

No, other than electronics, glassware and oversized items like furniture, all merchandise is intermingled on the rolling tables.  We recommend wearing sturdy gloves when sorting through merchandise.

How do I know what my items-by-the-pound weigh?

We have scales at the registers to weigh your items when you make your purchase.  In addition, we have a courtesy scale that allows you to weigh your items before you purchase.

Does the Goodwill Outlet supply boxes or bags for items purchased?

Yes, we will provide boxes (not bags) in our packing area near the registers.

What payment methods are allowed?

We accept cash, credit cards and debit cards; no checks please. We also accept Goodwill gift cards but do not offer them for purchase.

What are the Goodwill Outlet hours?

The Goodwill Outlet is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and will be closed on Easter Sunday, July 4, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Can I return goods purchased at the Goodwill Outlet?

No, all goods are sold “as is” and all sales are final. Please test all electronics at the testing station before you purchase.

Are Goodwill Cares vouchers accepted at the Goodwill Outlet?


Do my Goodwill Outlet purchases earn Club Goodwill REwards points?

No, Club Goodwill REwards points are not earned on Outlet purchases and $5 REwards may not be redeemed.

Do you accept merchandise donations at the Goodwill Outlet?