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Goodwill Amazing Dads Essay Contest Winners Announced!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jun 16, 2015 3:08:00 PM
Goodwill Amazing Dads Essay Contest

We asked our Club Goodwill REwards members to submit a 500 word essay about their AMAZING dads for a chance to win him a four pack of tickets to the Milwaukee Brewers vs. Minnesota Twins game on Sunday, June 28th.

Here's the winning entries ... thank you to all who entered and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Cody B.

Describing my dad in 500 words doesn’t do the man justice. I cannot think of any words that can even really describe my dad. I’ll try my absolute best, but it will still fall short. I’ve been in this world for 18 short years now, but it’s been long enough to know I’ll never meet another person who has as big of a heart as my dad.

Though I have often tested the patience of his love during my teenage years, it always stands strong as ever. For all the trouble and heartache I’ve put my dad through, I have no idea how the man still can even bear to call me his own, but it’s during these great hardships that my dad shows me how much he really loves me. I’ll never understand how he does it. My dad is the greatest teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve become the young man I am today because of all he has shown me throughout the years: courage, kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion and patience. These are all traits my dad exemplifies each and every day.

I doubt I would be headed in the right direction with any other guy as my dad, but my dad is not just any other guy. My dad is a superhero without an “S” on his chest. My dad is my sole inspiration. The way he has guided my family through the darkest of times, how he got up at 4:00 AM every morning for 30 years without ever a grumble. How we never had to worry about being hungry or having a roof over our heads. My dad has provided me with so much more than that though. He has been a source of advice when I didn’t know where to turn, a shoulder to cry on when I had lost all hope in the world, but most importantly, my dad has been the best friend any person could ever ask for. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

This contest would be the ultimate way to thank my dad for everything he has done for me. To take my dad out to a ballgame and spend the whole day with him would be an amazing way to show my dad how much I love him and how much I truly appreciate him. I get excited just thinking about the whole experience. I would do anything to see my dad be that happy to not only know he’s going to a Brewer game, but to also know that his son loves him more than the air he breaths. It would mean the world to me if you would give me that moment.

Alex R. (8 years old)

My dad is the best dad in the whole wide world because he spends his time with me playing sports. He plays basketball, baseball, football, and golf with me. We like going to Goodwill to get sports supplies. He always comes from work tired but he still plays with me. He loves doing homework with me. He always tries the best he can to come to my games.

I love when he comes on Thursdays to be my lunch supervisor at my school. He always has a fun game to play at recess. I love when we watch the Brewers, Packers and Bulls together. I love when we play board games together and playing cards. Even when he is mad at me or yells at me I know that he loves me very much. Even though we live in the Chicago suburbs we stay loyal to my Dads teams from Wisconsin. Sometimes it is hard at school with everyone else rooting for the Chicago teams my Dad has taught me to stay true to your team. I really want to repay my dad by taking him to a Brewer baseball game. I can even wear my “new “Brewers shirt I just got from my Goodwill on Memorial Weekend. When we go to Miller Park it is way more fun that at Wriggly Field. So I hope that we win because it would mean a lot to me. Go Wisconsin!!!

Charlene N.

There are endless reasons to why my dad is so amazing. For starters, the numerous amount of sacrifices he has made in order to give me and my siblings the most opportunities in life. He moved from Kenya leaving all his family behind, to America to give us a better life and education. He also works 60+ hours and sometimes on weekends in order to support his family of six.

My father also makes sure that we always have a roof to sleep under, a warm plate of food to eat and clothing on our back every single day. He has also given up his hobbies in order to pay for ours. My father has spent his entire life sacrificing the little things that make him happy, like traveling and golfing, in order to give his children an enjoyable childhood. Despite the fact most parents do give many things for their children, my dad deserves to be able to do something he enjoys. He rarely takes off days for work and hardly gets to vacation with us and when he does it usually gets cut short. These are just some reasons why my dad is amazing and I hope you think so too.

Lizet G.

An Open Letter about what makes Rene G. one in a million!

From the day that I understood that we looked exactly alike I knew he would be my best friend. If you met my dad you would see firsthand how much he cares for others especially for my younger brother, my mother, and myself. He has never thought twice about sacrificing himself for our family through obstacles such as working more than one job and dealing with health conditions that have risen. Raising my brother and I has not been an easy task as we both require a lot of love and attention but my dad has never fallen short. He has raised two wonderful children; myself a first-generation college graduate from Loyola University Chicago and my brother who just completed his first year at Milwaukee School of Engineering. Coming to the United States more than thirty years ago to seek the American Dream, he has been an excellent role model about what it truly means to be an amazing dad and teaching us that working hard will always give you a better future.

My family and I recently sat down to watch home videos and all cuteness aside I was amazed by how many home videos my dad had filmed of my brother and I. I honestly have never seen someone so fascinated by their kids than my dad, my dad recorded everything from a live recording of my birth, playing with letters and shapes during bath time, to a two-man conga line consisting of him and myself dancing. I love my dad so much and every day I am so thankful that I was able to grow up with someone as caring and loving as him, he has always been our number one fan and I will be forever grateful of that.

Happy Father’s day to the one person I can always count on ordering the same item on the menu as me, the one person who always lights up the dance floor with me at parties, the one person who takes us to summer night baseball games, and my number one fan who continues to give us everything we always ask for and more. Although you're a year older, it's still the same story between us and I wouldn't have it any other way, I love you.

Madison E.

My name is Madison. I am 6 years old but I will turn 7 in 5 days. My dad is amazing because he is a real hero. he was in the Air Force and went to Iraq and he survived. now he is a firefighter and saves peoples lives. He once saved my life when I fell into the lake without a life jacket up north. If he wasn't there I'd be dead right now. He is an amazing dad because he takes me fishing all the time and never forgets to tuck me in and kiss me goodnight. I love my dad so much I hope he never dies. I want to take him to the brewer game because he really likes them he even has a brewer hat that he wears. even if the brewers lose he is still proud of them and likes them. Love, Maddy

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