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How Do You Spell L-O-V-E?

Posted by Merri Cvetan on Feb 8, 2017 2:54:09 PM
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Valentine's Day Love Story

Everyone loves February 14. The challenge is to come up with someone unique and personal for the special person in your life. Cards put your thoughts into words, and who doesn’t like a box of chocolate? But this year, I wanted to design something different, so I decided to spell out my feelings!

I found a rectangle shaped frame. It doesn’t matter what the picture looks like or the condition of the frame. You can always paint it to match the room’s décor or just red or pink.

Valentine's Day Love Story

I covered the picture with scrapbook paper. This one is pink with little white hearts. Use a glue specifically made for paper so it stays smooth and doesn’t ripple.

Valentine's Day Love Story

Then look for miscellaneous objects to spell out LOVE. I found clock hands for the L; a wood drapery ring for the O; a clothes pin for the V and for the E, a drawer pull, key, screw-thingy and a key chain.

Valentine's Day Love Story

Glue all your letter parts to the paper with craft glue or a hot glue gun. Easy-peasy!

Shop Goodwill or scour your house for items you can use. Other ideas are: tools, jewelry pieces, old utensils, scissors, horseshoe, pieces of wood, string, buttons, a zipper. Tons of ideas just use your imagination!


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