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Upcycle: Unique Paper Towel Stand

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Apr 23, 2015 4:50:28 PM

paper towel standpaperYou know one of my favorite things is to upcycle, which is to find a new purpose for an old object. Shopping at Goodwill, I often find shelves full of wood accessories. Last week I purchased a wall candle stick holder. They were very popular in the 1980s during the country decorating phase. I immediately knew I could turn it into a paper towel stand.  

I wanted the option of either hanging the stand, or setting it on the counter. So I needed to cut off the decorative bottom.    

paper towel standpaper towel standMy husband has power tools, but a hand saw will work just as well. You just want to make sure the bottom is even so it sits flat on the counter.  

paper towel standI measured the candle holder part and bought a wood dowel to fit snuggly. In this case, I needed a 7/8 inch dowel and cut a 9-½ inch piece (I didn’t want the dowel to show above the paper towel). Glue the dowel in the holder and allow to dry.  

paper towel standThe hardest part is choosing a color. I like spray paint because it’s fast and there’s so many colors and finishes to choose from. Pick a color that coordinates with your kitchen décor, or something that contrasts for a splash of color.  

paper towel standpaper towel standI like the plum color, but it needed some added decoration. I made a copy of “recipes” from an old book, cut it to fit and “decoupaged” it to the back. I think a copy of an old recipe handwritten by Grandma would be even better.  

Add some charm to your kitchen décor with this fast, easy and inexpensive upcycle project!

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