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DIY Fairy Garden

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on May 3, 2015 4:29:00 PM

Merri042915_fairy-garden_Fairy-GardenI thought I would do something different this year to celebrate Earth Day. As I’m cleaning up my yard, I decided to add a Fairy Garden. After all, fairies need a place to call home, right? Fairy gardens are all the rage and the perfect kid or Scout project.

Merri042915_fairy-garden_Moss-for-Fairy-GardenThere are no real rules, and you need just a few basic ingredients. In fact, you want to “shop” in your yard. I gathered moss, bark, twigs, pine cones, nuts and stones.  

Merri042915_fairy-garden_Terracotta-PotYou need some sort of base. One of my terracotta pots didn’t make it over the winter, but the broken pieces are perfect. You could also use a base from a pot, or an old pan, even a bird bath would work. I picked up at little lantern at Goodwill so my fairy has a house.  

Merri042915_fairy-garden_Lantern-for-Fairy-GardenI glued the two broken pieces of the pot together and arranged the moss. I left enough dirt on the underside hoping it will continue to thrive outdoors.  

Then I placed the lantern on top.  

I stuck a twig through the opening on the lantern and attached a piece of a pine cone (with wire) to make a fairy chandelier!  

Merri042915_fairy-garden_Fairy-Garden-Step-1Merri042915_fairy-garden_Fairy-Garden-Step-2Finally, arrange pieces of bark, nuts, sticks and cones to create a mini forest wonderland.  

Since you really can’t glue anything to moss or dirt, set it in a protected part of your garden. Mine peeks out from under a bush. It’s a little hidden garden treasure.


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