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DIY Ceramic Garden Art

Posted by Merri Cvetan on May 19, 2017 4:06:12 PM
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DIY Ceramic Garden Art

It’s almost summer vacation. If you’re like most moms and dads, you’ll be looking for simple DIY projects the kids can do. Garden sculptures are not only easy, but fun to create. What I love about ceramic art is they add color to the yard or wooded area.

DIY Ceramic Garden Art

Start with a trip to Goodwill. Choose ceramic plates and bowls in a variety of patterns and colors. I like a coordinated color palette, but that’s just me. Let the kids choose whatever color combinations they love.

DIY Ceramic Garden Art

The only other thing you need is clear, waterproof silicone glue and a little patience. Stack up the dishes in any combination and add a bit of glue to the bottom edge.

The glue needs to dry completely before moving the sculpture outdoors.

DIY Ceramic Garden Art

Depending on where you “install” your artwork, you might want to glue it to a pipe and stick it in the ground. Or, glue it to a tall candlestick and set it among flowers and plants. Another idea is to find an old birdbath and attach it to the base.

Before heading outdoors, use your decorative piece to serve veggies or cookies at the next party.

It was raining when I took my photos, so it might be a great birdbath! Don’t you love ideas that have more than one purpose?

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