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Confessions of a Collector: Part 1 - The Handbag

Posted by Merri Cvetan on Aug 15, 2017 12:02:56 PM
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Confessions of a Collector: Part 1 - The HandbagSome women collect shoes, but since I have weird feet I collect handbags. I have many colors in similar styles, and since I carry only the basics with me, I prefer rather flat purses. They’re the perfect accessory for changing your outfit and adding a punch of color. The dilemma is how to store, and keep them out of sight when not in use. Well, I found the perfect solution at the hardware store (of all places)!

Confessions of a Collector: Part 1 - The Handbag


  • 5/8-inch link chain. (But any size will work. The length will depend on the height of the hook or closet pole.)
  • S-hooks that will fit the links. Mine are 1-½ inch.
  • Spring snap link (that will also fit the chain link). I used a 2-inch one.

Confessions of a Collector: Part 1 - The Handbag

If you plan to hang your handbags on a closet pole, use the snap link to circle the chain around the pole.

Confessions of a Collector: Part 1 - The Handbag

Otherwise attach it to the end of the chain and hang from any hook. No power tools required—not even a hammer and nail.

Confessions of a Collector: Part 1 - The Handbag

Loop the S-Hooks on the links at whatever interval makes sense for the style and size of your purses. I like to tuck the straps inside the bag if possible and hang from the O-rings that attach the strap to the bag.

Depending on how many handbags you own, double-up or overlap the bags. I like the fact that they’re all in one place to make changing them every day a breeze! Forget the closet, this is pretty and colorful enough to display like artwork!

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