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Celebrate Valentine's At Home This Year!

Posted by Merri Cvetan on Feb 5, 2020 9:33:23 AM
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Although the legend of St. Valentine has been around since AD 496, it wasn’t until the 18th century that lovers began expressing their love for each other with cards, candy and flowers. Today we’re still celebrating with our loved ones. Instead of going out this year, why not stay home?

Follow these simple steps to create a cozy, romantic dinner for two!

1) Dress up a plain white plate 

IMAGES-Living Amazing_Winter Magazine_2019_final (1)_Page_12_Image_0009

If you do any entertaining at Christmas, you probably already have red and white dishes and linens. If not, head to Goodwill and look for plain white plates ($.99) and a red tablecloth ($2.99). 

I drew hearts around the border of the plate with a marker. Place it in 350° oven for 30 minutes to make your design permanent.

2) Piece together the perfect card

IMAGES-Living Amazing_Winter Magazine_2019_final (1)_Page_12_Image_0008

Instead of giving your sweetie the usual card, make one from puzzle pieces. Jigsaw puzzles are only $.99 at Goodwill. Put together a section of the puzzle and tape the back so it stays together in 2 sections, then spray paint it white. After it dries, use the same marker to draw a heart.IMAGES-Living Amazing_Winter Magazine_2019_final (1)_Page_12_Image_0007

3) Set the table & have fun!

I set the wine glasses that I created in a previous blog on paper doilies and felt hearts. (Remember my mantra: layer, layer, layer!)

Fold a red napkin in an envelope or rectangle shape and place one half of the heart at each place setting.

The centerpiece doesn’t have to be a traditional flower arrangement, although candles are certainly a must for romantic dinners. Look around your house for something unique. I “dressed” a ceramic statue with a bit of lace and felt heart. Get creative and have fun with your Valentine’s Day table.

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