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Raise a Glass

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jan 23, 2015 11:36:00 AM

raise a glassGoodwill stores are always a great source for wine glasses. Every shape, size and style can be found for as little as 50 cents. I love glassware; and because they are so inexpensive, I like to do something different every time I entertain. Valentine’s Day is coming up and so is the wedding season. Here are four simple ideas you can do at home to dress up your party or reception table. 

I know it’s a hard concept for many of you to accept, but your glasses do not have to match. In fact, a tablescape is more interesting when you mix things up. But it’s easy to make all your stemware look like it came from the same set with a little bit of trim and glue.  

raise a glassI chose embroidery floss, cord, a daisy trim and seam binding. But, you can also use jute, rope or any style of ribbon or trim you can find at a fabric store.  

raise a glass
raise a glass

Put a dot of glue at the top of the stem then wind the floss/trim around it until you get to the bottom. Secure with more glue.  

Or, like I did on the black wine glass, wrap the cord loosely, so the black shows through. Or a simple bow tied at the top of the stem is really fast and easy.  

On the champagne coupe, I glued the daisy trim to the base.  

Raise a GlassSmall cordial or liqueur glasses are perfect for candles. Use flameless candles so there are no worries about fire.   Choose trims that coordinate with your party or wedding reception color and theme. I think I’ll use the red and black ones for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

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