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Picture Perfect

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Sep 10, 2014 12:55:00 PM

picture perfectBack to school means class photos. The kids get a new haircut, new shirt, maybe a pretty ribbon or barrette. Then they bring home dozens of headshots in various sizes. Each grandma and the aunties get one, but what do you do with them at home? If you have more than one child, 13 years of pictures add up to a lot of frames and wall space. You can get the frames with collage mats, but then you have blank cutouts staring at you for years. Boring!  

picture perfectI was inspired to make my own when I found a drink tray and coaster set at Goodwill.    

I purchased two-sided scrapbook paper at the craft store and spray paint in a coordinating color. It just took a few coats of paint to cover the old 70s orange and gold design.  

Then I cut out circles of paper to fit inside the tray and each coaster. Glue in place. I chose a paper printed on one side and a solid texture on the other.  

picture perfectCut the school pictures to fit and glue. Instead of “empty frames,” I added little toys in the unused spots. As your child gets older, change the fill-ins to match his or her interests.

picture perfect

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