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Souvenir Shop

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Aug 7, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Souvenir ShopYou know the feeling. You plan a great vacation and have a wonderful time. Then you come home and two weeks later, you’re back into the old routine and it feels like you never left. I went to Paris this summer and I have to look at my pictures to remind myself that I was actually “there”.

This year, instead of putting photos in an album and hiding my souvenirs, I put everything on display in a cloche

Displaying items under a dome (a cloche) is a hot design trend. They can also be very expensive. I shopped at Goodwill and created my own version. I looked for clear jars, bowls and vases and miscellaneous covers. Mix and match. 

Souvenir ShopGather the souvenirs, postcards and photos you bought on vacation. Maps and tickets also bring back memories. Choose items that really mean something to you. 

Arrange them in the jars and bowls. You might have to use a little tape to keep pictures, postcards in place. But everything else should be loose. You want to be able to rearrange, add more items and take things out to show people. The cover keeps everything dust free.

The best part is, you can surround yourself with your vacation memories and revisit that special place anytime.

Souvenir Shop

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