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Winter Whimsy

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jan 10, 2014 10:33:00 AM

snowmenMy house is always festive with all my Christmas decorations on display. But once they’re put away, the house seems so dark. To avoid the winter “blahs”, I like to transition the change of seasons. This year, my Christmas mantle turns into a winter, snowy mantle.

A trio of snow-people are perfect for January. After all, we do get lots of snow! 

I started with tube socks and a package of rice.

snowmen 006Fill the bottom of each sock with 2 cups of rice. Place the sock in a large bowl. Otherwise you’ll have rice all over the table!  Tie a piece of string or yarn to separate each “snowball.” Finish the top by tying the last string under the cuff.

snowmen 010Turn down the cuff to make a cap. Add embellishments to each snowman or woman to give it personality. I made the faces with a Sharpie marker to look like coal and used an orange pipe cleaner for the nose. Poke a little hole in the sock, cut a 1” piece of the pipe cleaner, fold in half and hold in place with a drop of glue. 

snowmen 054 055 058.fwMrs. gets a scarf cut from an old red sweater (with the same at her hat). I added a rhinestone bracelet around her waist. Then I finished her off with a generous dusting of glitter. It stays in place with spray adhesive.

Mr.’s bowtie is an old shoe clip, but you can use a barrette or make your own with ribbon. I glued mismatched buttons to his front and a bit of garland to his hat.

Junior gets red buttons, a scarf cut from an old shirt and a pom-pom on his hat. The white wreaths I found at Goodwill for less than a dollar are perfect stands.

Have fun making your own family of snowmen. Give each its own personality. Maybe this year, the winter won’t seem so long.

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