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15 Organizing Tips to Reduce Clutter

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Dec 30, 2013 3:17:00 PM

home organization tipsJanuary is the perfect time to get your home organized. 

1. Invest in three large bins or boxes and label each with “KEEP,” “TRASH,” and “GOODWILL.” If you haven’t used or worn something in six-to-12 months, chances are you never will. Donate the gently used items to Goodwill.

2. Clean one drawer or shelf at a time instead of a whole room or closet. That way you can accomplish a lot in a short time and won’t be overwhelmed with the task.

3. Don’t throw out the jewelry boxes your Christmas gifts came in. These sturdy boxes are perfect for dividing and organizing jewelry in a drawer.

4. Every time I open a new jar of spices, I write the date on the lid. That way I know how old it is and when to replace it.

5. Organize like items together:

  • Hang a coordinating scarf with a blazer for easy morning accessorizing. Group matching jewelry pieces together.
  • Keep baking supplies together and separate from cooking utensils.
  • Give each family member a drawer or box in the bathroom for their own toiletries.

6. Hang a fabric shoe organizer on the back of the bathroom door for toiletries or inside the closet door for hats and mittens.

7. Address the mail every day. Recycle the junk mail and put the bills in a specific folder.

8. Make a “Due-Date” calendar. Write the date a bill is due so you’re never late with a payment again.

9. Organize your mud room or back door hallway. Give each family member a shelf or basket or hook for their coats, hats, mittens and boots. Enforce the “hang up your coat” rule to avoid the last minute lost glove.

10. Label everything. There will no excuse about where something goes.

11. Don’t forget the space under the bed. Store out of season clothes in bins under the bed.

12. Invest in plastic hangers. Assign a color to each family member. Each person can find and put away their clean laundry. Do the same with a folded clothes bin.

13. Keep sheets neat and tidy by storing folded sheet sets in the pillow case.

14. Try the “One Thing In, One Thing Out” rule. Every time you bring or buy something new, a similar item has to go. New t-shirt?  Old one gets donated.

15. For the shoe or handbag collector, buy plastic storage boxes. One for each item. Take a photo of the shoes or purses and tape to the front. Avoid the last minute search for the right shoe.

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