Goodwill Fashion Expert—Bjorn Nasett

Wisconsin farm boy, Bjorn Nasett has a career that spans 30 years. He enjoys being a writer, wardrobe stylist, vintage and resale clothing expert, hair stylist, makeup artist and photographer! In his spare time he adopts senior dogs and strongly believes in pet adoption. Check out his website!

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Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Aug 8, 2012 2:46:00 PM

Pillow Talk

Pillows are the easiest way to transform any room in your home into a cozy inviting environment. Just like in fashion, these accessories can make or break the look of your room. Change them seasonally or even on a whim. As part of our on-going series on reducing, reusing, and recycling, I’m always looking for ways to give fashion items a second life. While shopping at Goodwill one day I had the idea to make pillows from clothing items at the store. The inspiration came from seeing a pillow that was secured with buttons down the back. A light bulb went off in my head, and I thought I could do the same thing quite easily using button-down shirts.