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Summer Styling

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jun 11, 2015 2:48:00 PM
Summer StyleSummer seems to be what we wait for all year in the Midwest, doesn’t it? All the things we want to do and see are exciting, but it also make us take stock of our wardrobe options for all those fun events!

Just what should we take with us on vacation?  What is cool to wear for the celebrations surrounding Independence Day? And lastly, just what stylish items should we have on hand when it comes time to go back to school? Well, good thing you’re reading this article! I went ahead with my little team and pulled together some great style ideas for ALL those summer events, utilizing items I found at Goodwill! Being stylish and on trend is within the realm of anyone with just a few tips and pointers that we’ll share with you here!
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