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Style Behind the Scenes

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Mar 10, 2016 1:36:18 PM

Style Behind the ScenesFashion shows are all about putting new ideas out there for people to see and possibly get behind. But, what do people who actually attend Fashion Week wear? What is it like behind the scenes? This week, just for fun, I randomly selected some shots that encompass many years, and various locations, to give you a glimpse into the circus and theatre that is Fashion Week. As always, you can note some cool trends, or some over-the-top looks, but one thing you won’t be is bored! See if you can spot the celebrities I’ve crossed paths with, as well as some of the denizens of the stylish set of NYC.

Things to note:

  • Statement accessories
  • Interesting handbags
  • Embellished items
  • Cultural diversity
  • Vivid colors
  • Independent thinkers

All Goodwill regulars, whether shopping or donating, understand the value of keeping things flowing and evolving when it comes to our homes and fashion outlook. If you’re NOT inspired to get dressed each day with items you love to wear and look great on you, YOU need to do a style audit. This involves a very quick assessment of items you love to wear, things you always reach for, as well as the “once in a while things,” along with all the rest. I know this takes time, but if you purge your wardrobe of those “so, so” items, your reward will be a more focused and flattering style! The reason I love to put fashion pictures out there for you each week isn’t to tell you what you SHOULD wear, but more what you COULD wear if you have the inclination! Great style comes from the heart first, by truly feeling good about you. Your support of Goodwill is a wonderful start on that path.

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