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Sizzling Summer Prints

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Jun 7, 2017 12:43:25 PM
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Sizzling Summer PrintsPrints are always one of those things that people like to debate about. Some people love them, while others avoid them entirely. Print garments draw the eye and bring attention to the wearer for sure, but there are ways to make them work for everyone. In these photos that I took at New York Fashion Week, you’ll see a wonderful collection for men and women that certainly don’t spare the color, pattern and texture. You’ll see a nod to the 1950s rockabilly with the guys’ looks, and you’ll also see a nod to the bohemian look with the ladies. Many of the styles feature pieced-together prints with solids, and some go all out print only. While I know these designs may seem extreme, they are quite pleasing to the eye. 

A great print can always be found at the Goodwill store near you. Let your eye scan the racks, and when it comes to rest on something interesting, pull it out and take a look at it. A great example would be this sleeveless dress with an interesting neckline that I found at my Goodwill for $7.99. When I spied this print, I went right to the garment and, of course, fell in love with it. I’ll be using this for an upcoming photo story.

Don’t forget that prints can be worn in small doses too. A scarf or even a handbag that has a unique print can really elevate an outfit into something much more than just clothing. It peaks interest and, yes, draws the eye to it. You might also try wearing a print skirt with a solid top, or vice versa. 

No matter what, get inspired, get going and start shopping at Goodwill. You’ll be glad you did!

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