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Meet Jason - The Goodwill Amazing Looks Model Contest Winner!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jun 4, 2015 12:39:00 PM

Goodwill Amazing Looks Model Contest WinnerIt’s so great to know that regular guys, not necessarily fashion people, can figure out how to put together outfits that look great. All it takes is a little common sense, along with an understanding of quality and detail. Jason not only won our Amazing Looks Model Contest this year, but he won our hearts as well. Here he shares the story of his personal journey toward gaining new self-confidence, and how Goodwill helped him achieve those goals. Goodwill has so much to offer a person, like Jason, who was at a crossroad in his life and looking to make a serious change.   

How would you describe your personal style?

I tend to dress urban-casual. I’m a simple guy who likes jeans, button down shirts, leather jackets, hoodies and boots.

How did your style change as your body changed? 

When I was overweight I didn’t care as much about my clothes and avoided buying them altogether. It was very difficult to find anything that was compatible with my shape, so I’d wear almost anything that fit. Most of my clothes ended up being oversized hoodies and t-shirts. As I slimmed down, and was forced to purchase new clothes and finally able to make decisions about style and choosing items I liked, I began intentionally wearing slim fits, and other styles that didn’t hide my body, and I gained a new appreciation for fashion.

What are your tips on style for the guy who just doesn’t have a clue, and doesn’t know where to begin?

I’m hardly an expert, but I’d say try to find quality apparel. Name brands don’t always mean style and quality, but a lot of times there are higher standards to branded items and a reason why the label is esteemed. Look for items that have a little something extra with the way it’s stitched, or the materials used, without being overly showy. Avoid clothes with animals and characters.

Goodwill pantsName three of your favorite things about shopping at Goodwill?

The price: I can’t even begin to praise the reasonable prices at Goodwill. Purchasing an entirely new wardrobe is expensive, especially if you want something appealing, but Goodwill’s prices make it possible. 

The selection: I have been able to find nearly everything I needed, from shirts, pants, shoes, jackets …etc. Most days I’m dressed head-to-toe in Goodwill

During his weight-loss journey, Jason was able to purchase name-brand jeans (shown above) and shirts (below, right) in varying sizes at Goodwill.

clothes, regardless of whether I’m in the office, relaxing at home, or going out.

The hunt: I love finding something great. Sometimes that something great is something I wasn’t looking for, like video Goodwill shirtsgame systems, first print books, or signed books. Other times I’m on a mission to find a specific article of clothing, sport equipment, or household item.  My 3-year-old daughter’s birthday is in March and she asked me to get her a white Christmas tree for decoration … I went to Goodwill one time and found the tree!

Why do you think people should donate or purchase items from Goodwill?

I really like donating to Goodwill because it allows me to give something to someone who may need it. I hate throwing away things I know have life in them, despite not being able to use it myself. Purchasing items at Goodwill allows you to save money on items and provide jobs to people who need work experience or just need a second chance. As I understand it, Goodwill does community outreach to help people get on their feet, or get back on their feet, a model that ironically mirrors their items themselves.I like supporting a place that cares enough to do that.

How can people be inspired to make changes in their lives or the lives of others? (In your opinion.)

All radical change starts in the heart. I wanted to lose weight for so long, but was never able to because I wasn’t devoted to the idea. I prayed for God to take the fat away and make me thin and it never happened. It wasn’t until I prayed for God to give me the motivation to do it that I became motivated. A friend had unexpectedly lost 50 pounds, and seeing that it could be done first hand ignited me. For me, weight loss was a growing experience that God put me through. My entire life has changed. People look at me differently, respect me more, treat me more kindly. By intentionally acting in this life change I have been able to encourage others and extend advice without hypocrisy and I feel that honors my God and my family. Inspiring others is a result of doing something worth imitating. When you make a big change and people see it they will want it for themselves. You will then be leading by example, which is far more valuable to people who are looking to relate to something, or someone outside themselves. They'll want it because they'll finally be able to see they can have it.

This well-spoken gentleman has said it all. Look for Jason in our Amazing Looks section in the coming months, as we continue to present ideas to stir the fashion possibilities in every man, woman, and child.

Jay 6 month progress

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