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Frozen Fashion

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Aug 15, 2016 9:50:56 AM
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Frozen Fashion from GoodwillI met Allice Wilson (human statue who purchases a majority of costumes at Goodwill) through photos I saw on her Instagram (@Bobosnakes). I was fascinated with her ability to portray a realistic looking statue! Here’s a few questions I posed to her about her work:

How did you get started with your statue gig?

In 2004 I graduated with a BA in theatre from UWM. I went on to become a regular art model for several drawing groups around town. It gave me the skills it takes to remain relatively motionless. Last summer, I began busking on the streets and at Summerfest.

How has Goodwill helped you with your costuming?

All of my pirate costume except for the hat and ship wheel came from Goodwill.

My steampunk Mary Poppins is all from Goodwill except for the parrot head handle on the parasol, which my husband carved from foam and a block of wood that I then painted and added gear eyes to. 

All of my Rosie the Riveter costume and all of my Willy Wonka including the lollipops (Christmas tree ornaments) came from Goodwill. The top hat I already had.

My most ambitious statue costume yet will be Queen Elizabeth I. I'm starting with a magenta 1980's dress.

How do you make the costumes look like bronze metal?

Everything gets 1-3 layers of a latex house paint depending on the fabric and how it reacts to the paint, then 1-2 layers of bronze acrylic paint, then black wash. In between some of the layers, once dry, I wash it to make it less stiff. It's quite the process so expect trial and error if you want to attempt this!

Here’s where you can find Alice next:

Tall Ships Festival in Duluth, MN Aug 19-21

Milwaukee Fringe Festival Aug 27th & 28th.

You can find more information on Alice here: 

Twitter:  @alicestatues

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