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Game of Clothes

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Mar 26, 2015 1:11:00 PM

Game of clothesGame of clothesFashion inspiration for designers (and real people alike) can come from a lot of places. For example, a few years back I took some photographs in a loft in NYC’s garment district during fashion week of some interesting mini-collections. Because I inadvertently mislabeled them I don’t know who the designer is, but I did think the ideas presented were Game of clothesvery cool and fashion forward or, in this case, maybe backward. What I mean by this is when I look at these photos, I can’t help but think of “Game of Thrones,” or perhaps any movies or television shows which represent the Medieval era. “Simple,” and even “rough-hewn,” would be words used to describe the ensembles serving as the brainstorm for my DIY runway redo this week. The looks in this blog post are a simple juxtaposition of rough-hewn and feminine at the same time. This is a great fashion rule I’ve come to love. In simple terms, it means these items shouldn’t go together, but they do perfectly! These looks are both “tough and tender,” catch my drift?

Game of clothesGame of clothesExamining looks from this collection we’ll see simple silhouettes focusing on the definition of the waistline, while using rustic elements like leather and handmade embellishments. I realize these are a little on the theatrical side, but they do work very well in the context of playing two elements against each other.  

Game of clothesOne day while shopping at Goodwill I found this terrific dress featuring faux leather accents at the bust line. The cut outs of the “leather” played well off the putty-color chiffon fabric that makes up the rest of the dress. A good rule of thumb to remember when trying to create your own version of high-fashion looks is to go for the feeling, rather Game of clothesthan a step-by-step copy of the look. I think this dress, which was only $7.99, brings out the elements of the designer pieces very well! This could be worn with some leather booties, or sandals to dress it down a little bit; or it could be dressed up with some cool, rich-leather heels. In all of these looks, the leather accents are an important piece of the fashion puzzle.

Game of clothesGame of clothesGame of clothesAlong with items I found at Goodwill, I chose some other pieces I thought would fit the bill for this week’s post and put together a look using Game of clothesitems I had in my styling collection! A rustic leather belt on this cotton slip dress really emulates the look of the designer pieces. By utilizing a rough stone-like necklace on a leather cord we keep the feeling going. Always look for great accessory pieces like these leather, wooden or metal cuffs, along with a leather belt with gold detail to spark up anything you might want to pair them with. It’s always about that contrast of textures and dark leather against the lighter cottons and silk garments.

Every day we can find something that sparks an idea, or drives us to create and explore something … whether it be decorating your home, or pulling together some fresh looks for your wardrobe. It’s all about what we’re drawn to! That’s why Goodwill is such a fabulous place to indulge your creative impulse! By giving us a variety of items to peruse, donated by those people who support our mission, we have the materials to put our minds to work at a more-than-affordable price!  Remember to donate frequently, (as well as shop regularly) to help yourself to some new-to-you style, and help those who benefit from our programs gain employment. That’s a game EVERYONE can win!

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