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Colorful Thinking for Wintertime

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Feb 5, 2015 12:11:00 PM

Rebecca Minkoff - goldenrod pants and tweedy-hooded coat Just about this time of year when the end of winter still seems like a long way off, I feel the need to see more color. Not only do I want to see color in the sleeping nature of the landscape, but I also want it in the choice and color of the garments I wear every day. It’s a no-brainer to wear color when the weather is bright and wonderful, but it seems more difficult to do it when the gray, black and brown of the sunless season takes over our closets too. A pop of color here and there during these bleak months can literally bring you happiness - I kid you not! There’s lots of ways to bring some color into the winter wardrobe. Case in point, I recently came across some photographs I took at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week a few years ago which illustrate the idea of color as an antidote to the cold-weather blues. These photos are from the 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection from fabulous fashion designer, Rebecca Minkoff. Her streetwise, wearable designs are realistic and that’s what I like about her take on style for today’s woman. Let’s take a look and discuss shall we?  

One thing you’ll notice is that she chose warm tones of red and gold for her accents in this collection. Either as the main focus, such as some dresses, or as supporting players like blouses and slacks. In the first look the goldenrod pants set off the cool, tweedy-hooded coat with leather details.    

Rebecca Minkoff - coral-orange dressNext, the coral-orange dress with cutout detail at the shoulder is paired with heavy black tights and boots to winterize it. I like this idea for all season dresses. This would translate for spring as well.  

Rebecca Minkoff - gold pants with black stripeThe gold warms us again in these hip pants with a black stripe down the side. Worn with a cropped coat, it’s the epitome of chic.  

Rebecca Minkoff - plaid pants with black cardiganHow about the color-pop of this pullover-style top worn with a cardigan and plaid slacks?  

Rebecca Minkoff - red dress with slouch-collard coatYou just can’t go wrong with a red dress. Here we see a jersey knit dress worn with heavy black tights, ankle booties, and a slouch-collared coat in shearling. This is a great day look, and another way to incorporate warm tones realistically to the cold-weather palette.  

Rebecca Minkoff - bright-red pantsA bright red pair of pants does year-round wonders. The sporty look worn here with a black-and-white print knit sweater and blackish peacoat is classic and chic at the same time. The high-heeled boots could also be changed to flats as well.  

Rebecca Minkoff - reddish-orange slacksAnother pair of slacks in a deeper tone of reddish-orange is a good example of taking pants to a more evening level. Metallic high heels, sparkly-striped sweater and cropped coat all go toward a sophisticated and fun look.  

Rebecca Minkoff - red, day dressLastly, a day dress with leather epaulets in a rich red, worn with shiny leggings and wintry boots.   

Ideas are what I love to present to you here each and every week. These looks are all food for thought. Bringing color into your life is pretty easy when it comes to shopping at Goodwill. All clothing in the stores is sorted by style, size AND color! So, just stop in and use some of the inspiration I’ve given you to update your winter look and fight off the winter blues! Thanks so much for supporting our mission with your purchases and donations. With your help we’re able to add a little color to the lives of those looking for a brighter tomorrow.

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