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The Best and the Rest of 2014

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jan 8, 2015 11:39:00 AM

At the close of each year, anyone who has an opinion on fashion trends compiles an arbitrary list of those looks they thought sparked imagination, as well as others that possibly courted disaster. That’s not to say that people like me don’t have a great and profound appreciation for all the talented folks that make what we wear possible.  From designers, to manufacturers, to retailers, their passion for fashion just never seems to end. In just a few short weeks I will be haunting NYC once again for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Autumn and Winter Collections for 2015. As I pored over my own photographs that I snap twice a year, I definitely see trends that will stick around and those that were definitely dead on arrival. So, here’s a peek at my personal picks for ideas to get behind, and those you should avoid at all costs!

One of the best trends of the year was from Carolina Herrera. Herrera’s work showed a range of patriotic-inspired prints in navy, red, and white. Everything from long gowns, to off-the-shoulder looks paraded down the runway capturing the class and elegance that she’s known for. 

Patriotic prints:

Carolina Herrera - Patriotic Carolina Herrera - Patriotic Carolina Herrera - Patriotic

All kinds of artistic prints showed up in 2014. Ruffian paired many looks with red tights, while Noon by Noor calmed her prints down and mixed them, and the exuberant Spanish designer, Desigual, made a classic Madras plaid come to life in a breezy dress.

Artistic prints:

Artist prints Artist prints Artist prints

On the hair and makeup scene there were a few clunkers that just didn’t do justice to the models or the clothing. From the shiny alien looking makeup, to puffed-up beehives, they didn’t seem modern at all, but instead just sad and tired. However, the makeup artists at Noon by Noor did the dark lip right by keeping the rest of the makeup subtle and the hair simply pulled back. The always appropriate side ponytail and braid were also in evidence at numerous shows and are an easy way to switch up your look in an instant!  

Hair and makeup:

Hair and makeup - Alien Hair and makeup beehive Hair and makeup - dark lip Hair and makeup - side braid

Head coverings were all over the map last year, but I loved the menswear take from designer Tracy Reese that complemented her layered collection extremely well. I also enjoyed the retro large-brimmed floppy hats shown at Desigual.


Happy Hats Happy Hats

Groovy, graphic patterns were all over the place at runway shows from Lacoste and Pamella Roland. This just proves that a bold pattern or print can bring some energy to your wardrobe in such a good way.

Groovy graphics:

Groovy graphics Groovy graphics Groovy graphics

The motorcycle/military look is still going strong and seems to be angling for classic status (if it isn’t thought of that way already). I personally like the khaki pencil skirt worn with the shiny leather jacket here. She comes across as confident and just a little tough.

Moto/Military look:

Moto-Military Moto-Military

Could fashion please let go of ruffles? I am not a fan. Being that I tend to like sleeker silhouettes, these over-the-top looks including the neck collar from Ruffian, and the shoulder treatment from the Argentine Designer Collection, just really miss the mark. I’ve never seen anyone wear something like this successfully … except Shirley Temple.

Ruffles Ruffles

The brightness was blinding at some of the shows including this canary-yellow sheath dress, hot pink dress, orange hoodie, and the red satin monochromatic look.  Color, color, COLOR! Have I mentioned color?


bright colors bright colors bright colors bright colors

Piecing it together is coming back. Taking leather, or other fabrics, and creating appliqués or insets on other garments is the way to go to create texture and pattern like no other. The look from Carolina Herrera was stunning, as was this picked leather blazer and shorts combo from another show.

Piecing it together:

piecing it together piecing it together

What really needs to be given a rest is the sheer, or see through anything, look. These two ensembles are some especially egregious and tacky examples of sheer gone wrong. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it, but how many people can or should wear items like this? The answer is NONE.

Sheer madness:

sheer madness sheer madness

Last, but not least, is the classy coat trend. Coats of all kinds were shown over and over again in lots of incarnations. Cropped, 3/4 sleeves, swing coat, pea coats, dusters and many many more are the BEST way to navigate the weather and the tides of fashion as well.  

Classy coats:

classy coats classy coats classy coats

Now, I could go on and on, but what I want you to take away as you read this silly list is that YOUR opinion is what counts most when it comes to feeling good about what you wear. Trying new things and sticking with items that work well for you is just smart thinking. That’s where Goodwill can help. You can peruse our ever-changing racks and come up with your own unique look, and trust me you won’t have buyer’s remorse with the prices at Goodwill! I sincerely wish you the best this year, and thank you so much for your continued support of our mission - we couldn’t do it without you!

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