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Hats Off to Winter!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Dec 30, 2014 11:16:00 AM

Badgley MischkaHere in the Midwest, it’s been on the mild side as far as winter temperatures go. But, as we all know that can change into blizzard conditions quickly! You know what else can change your winter look quickly? A great hat! When I’m attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC for the fall and winter collections, the focus is not always on accessories, but there were a few instances in certain shows that definitely illustrated just how much a hat can give an ensemble a little more personality - and even drama! This year there was everything from knit caps, to furry nods toward the North Pole. I thought it would be fun to look at a few of the hat tricks that designers used to complement the fashions that paraded down the runways this week. Let’s take a peek shall we?

Badgley Mischka beretThe design duo at Badgley Mischka always bring the drama with their exquisite garments each season. High-end luxury is always the watchwords at their shows, but I also think they really understand how a woman wants a classic mix of style. For example, take the wool-felt beret caps that were shown as accessories along with fur collars on quite a few of their fall and winter looks. The simple shape of the brown “mushroom cap” hat (shown above), with just a little bow on the side, is a charming, yet casual look with this lovely model wearing it. Hats made of wool and felt are easily dry cleaned and will maintain their shape quite nicely if cared for properly. The companion beret done in black wool felt (at left) with contrast stitching in white is also from the same family. I like the side bow on this one too, as well as the black fur collar. These two elements can make a Badgley Mischka clocheplaid wool coat, or solid color coat really look like high-end fashion. In the same vein from these ambitious and talented designers is a brown/gray cloche hat (shown right) with a turned-up brim and, once again, a side detail ornamentation. This is a nod to the popular hat of the 19020s and 1930s when women wore their hair bobbed and these types of caps wouldn’t crush their Badgley Mischka Fur Boyardo! For all out drama, you can’t go wrong with a fur (faux or real) Boyar hat (shown left). A Boyar was a cylindrical fur hat worn by Russian nobility in the 15th Century, and was used to show social prominence. The shape became a classic in the icier climates across the world. Here on the runway, it is dramatically shown with an off-the-shoulder beaded gown.  But, this type of hat looks great with a parka, wool coat, or almost any great jacket you would wear in the frigid winter months.  

Ruffian bucket hatFrom the high-fashion line Ruffian we see this lovely example of the classic bucket hat (shown right). This one is made from a fuzzy wool/angora and features a split brim that forms a petal-like effect as it frames the face of the lovely model. This is a fun variation on the classic- summer bucket hats used for fishing and sporting activities. But, here its cozy and couture!

Trina Turk for menFrom the dramatic we go to the casual and accessible. At Trina Turk we see classic flat caps for men Trina Turk for womenand women done in wool and tweed. They feature a rounded shape and a small stiff brim on the front. This is a sporty and casual look that would work quite well for any number of activities; and will certainly never go out of style either!

LacosteLast, but certainly not least, we have classic knit caps Lacoste knitthat were shown at Lacoste, a French clothing company synonymous with casual and sporty looks for men and women. Here we see his and hers watch caps in classic colors of burgundy and camel. 

So, as the winter winds blow, you can still look stylish and even fashion forward if you dare to sport some of these head huggers!  No matter what you wear, or where you get it, you can always find a new idea at your local Goodwill Store & Donation Center.  An open mind is the best way to find just the right items to bring some new-to-you style as you navigate the new year. But, one thing that isn’t new is Goodwill’s dedication to the mission of job training for those who need support. Stop back next week for my best and worst list of the fashions that inspired, (and those that had us downright puzzled) in 2014.

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