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Let It Shine!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Dec 18, 2014 2:25:00 PM

Let it shineReflection is what it’s all about for the holiday season isn’t it? We think about the year that was and make plans for the one to come. But, that’s not the only kind of reflection we should talk about … what about all the glittering fashions that are so prevalent this time of year? Sparkle, glow, and shine was on display at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall and Winter Collections for all to see! While not all of us can wear these styles, they can definitely serve as an inspiration for ways to incorporate that reflective quality we’re ALL seeking at this time of year. I actually attended a party recently that asked guests (men and women) to wear something shiny to reflect the joy of the season! I found a knit sweater at Goodwill that was easly lightly altered to fit me. Here I’m pictured with my friend Andrea, who opted for an embellished tank. Others wore metallic bow ties, sequined dresses, metallic knits and much more. It was a great time and the atmosphere was all aglow with the twinkling lights of the clothing, as well as the sparkle of friendship. Now is the time to take a gander at some of the looks that shone brightly on the runways of New York City!

David Tlale mini dress David Tlale rose-colored dress David Tlale moto dress

When opting for a metallic look, it’s important to understand that whatever you choose to wear, it should be the focus of your look. Simplify everything else and the sequins will speak for themselves! Here we see some sequined looks on display from fashion designer David Tlale. First we have a strapless mini-dress done in gun-metal silver. The model has toned-down makeup and hair, as well as long, opera-length black gloves as her accessory of choice. Simple and chic. Next we have another strapless dress done in a rosy metallic fabric. The longer length allows for a little more coverage while placing emphasis on your shoulders. Once again the makeup is toned down and she pairs it with a dark nail polish and nude patent-leather shoes. This is a classic look that could be worn to many events due to its simple lines. Now, for a fashion-forward take on all that glitters we have a two-piece ensemble that features the motorcycle motif in its design. The cropped jacket with exposed zippers at the sleeves, paired with a high-waist skirt keep it classy. The length (at the knee) is so universally flattering to many women, and it just goes to show that skirt lengths in general this year, and beyond, will not conform to any particular measure. It’s more up to the comfort of the wearer rather than the dictates of fashion.

brocade sheath dress

brocade pant suit
 brocade long-sleeved dress

Brocade fabrics also get the glamour treatment in this pant suit from Ruffian. I like that they’ve calmed all the sparkle down with a soft, rose-colored blouse and funky bucket hat. As you can imagine, this could be worn in many different ways as all suits can. The blazer can be worn with other items, as well as the slacks with a plain sweater or solid-colored blazer. From another show we see a couple more examples of the woven brocade that has been made into modern-looking sheath dresses with sheer insets. The shine is a little more calm as opposed to the sequined number we’ve already discussed. Note that the long-sleeved dress has a pattern that is woven right into the fabric. These two looks are very chic and very proper at the same time. The longer skirt length at the knee is seen once again, and it keeps it all very classy.

statement jewelryLastly, you can go for the silver or gold with a statement jewelry piece! When a large necklace, like the one shown here, is worn with a simple black dress or, in this case, a sheer-organza overlay, it takes center stage in a dazzling way! Always check out the jewelry cases at Goodwill and don’t let a unique piece get away! It’s a good idea to have one or two bold statement necklaces in your jewelry wardrobe at all times.

When it comes to shine, there’s nothing quite like the glint in the eye of someone who just donated items or purchased something from Goodwill. These individuals know they’re helping another person’s confidence glow by supporting our mission of job training and support for those who need it. So sparkle on and make YOUR spirit shine this holiday season! And, as always, THANK YOU for your continued support!

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