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Modern Menswear Essentials

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Dec 3, 2014 12:07:00 PM

men's sweatersWhen it comes to dressing for the holidays a lot of guys take the basic approach. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, but wouldn’t it be great if we just took a little step out of our comfort zone and instead  stepped into the style zone? Basic does not have to mean boring, so if you’re a guy looking to kick it up a notch, or his mate wishing he would bring something a little more fashion-forward to the table, you might want to take a gander at some of the pictures I shot the menswear shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City. These photos represent the merging of classic pieces with some modern male sensibilities.  

Sweaters are always a great option and the cardigan sweater especially feels a little more dressed up than a pullover. Now, we’re not talking about the Mr. Rogers-type sweater here (although I would prefer to see guys sporting that instead of a sweatshirt at holiday gatherings). I’m talking about something with a little more edge. On the bearded model here, we see a cross between motorcycle styling with the off-center zipper and contrasting brown tones. Worn with a grey turtleneck and olive khaki slacks it comes across as a stylish, yet outdoorsy look. Keep the colors in the neutral range when going for a more trendy silhouette, like this one, and your guy will look great for many seasons to come! This sweater could also act as a jacket or coat for the warmer fall and springtime months as well.

leather jacketThe slim leather jacket is also a great style variation for guys. This one is in a rich brown leather and features an off center zip, much like the sweater we saw. A coat like this could also function much like a blazer, and could be worn open with a t-shirt under it for a different look.  Layering any leather jacket over a wool sweater makes for a cozy and comfortably-stylish look. The pairing here with the contrasting green slacks looks very on trend for this season.

modern bootsBoots get a makeover too with these oxford-styled lace-up boots. The lacing says “combat” while the vamp of the shoes says “business.”  These could actually be worn with a suit or other dressy attire, but would also make jeans and a sweater into a bold statement for the right guy. Make sure to look for items that are traditional with a twist. This is the best way to ramp up a man’s style in an easy-to-do way!

hoodiehoodieGuys like their hoodies right?  How about a little upgrade for that casual piece of clothing? A sophisticated color like this olive green made from a high-tech fabric proves to be a winner for winter layering needs. It looks a little less sloppy than the basic grey we’re used to seeing. Hoodies can also work as an outerwear-layering piece when worn UNDER a longer topcoat that most likely would be worn over a suit. 

colorful suitColorful is the way to go for holiday party fun!  Maybe not as bold as this red suit, but the jacket could be worn with other neutral items, and so could the slacks. For the guy who goes all out, the monochromatic look could be a real showstopper (in a good way).

Thinking outside the box when it comes to style is easy when you shop at one of the many Goodwill Store & Donation Centers near you. Our menswear department is always stocked with lots of gently-worn items that could upgrade your guy’s style for the holidays at a reasonable price. Why not experiment a little bit, you just might like it! Opportunities abound at our stores in so many ways, whether it’s about style or our programs. You can always count on the fact that we’re helping provide employment and job training to those who need it most. Now let the merry-menswear season begin!

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