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Season-less Style

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Nov 19, 2014 12:31:00 PM

Mercedes Benz Fashion WeekWinter is knocking on doors all across the country.  For most of us this means pulling out the heavy-knit sweaters and parkas. But, what about those beautiful pieces of clothing that always look fabulous no matter what season it is? I’m talking about those blouses, skirts, dresses and blazers that really do their job fashion-wise on a day-to-day basis. Could it be possible to have pieces in your wardrobe that work year-round with just a few slight modifications? The answer of course is yes! I culled these lovely examples from a slew of photographs I took at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City. Twice a year top designers from here at home, as well as abroad show us their ideas. In my humble opinion, the following looks could be worn all-year-round depending on how they’re styled. Here, I went with black-and-white ensembles simply because this is a combination that always proves to be a fashion winner.

Catherine MalandrinoFrench designer, Catherine Malandrino showed this lovely black-and-white sleeveless dress (shown left) at her fall and winter 2013 presentation. She is well known for her exquisite attention to detail. Here, the dress is heavily embroidered and worn with simple black tight. But, what makes this dress season-less is the fact that it could be worn with a simple black cardigan sweater, or perhaps even a fine, gauge knit long-sleeved top under it - such as a mock turtle neck. Can you envision that? This could also be a holiday dress by adding some pops of color in your make up, jewelry, and shoe choices. 

Douglas HannantAmerican designer, Douglas Hannant (shown right) shows us a two-piece look here that could easily be worn all year. The embroidered hem and bodice of the black sheath dress add a little peek-a-boo effect, and the white motorcycle-inspired jacket also lends it some edge. I could see this worn with some patterned leggings or tights, and again, maybe layered over a thin knit long-sleeved top underneath. Great pieces like this should not languish in your closet and wait to be worn! 

Mercedes Benz Fashion WeekThis look, from another show at New York Fashion Week, also illustrates the ease with which a simple, tailored dress can become a closet staple for the fashionable gal. Streamlined in off-white and paired with knee-high socks and ankle boots, this look could be an office-ready outfit. Adding a blazer or cropped jacket would make it more winter-worthy.  (Fashion Week Picture)

Catherine MalandrinoWhy are the French known for their style? Because designers like Catherine Malandrino know how to perfectly illustrate clothing with great detail. Here we have a simple white blouse and black skirt combo worn with black tights and black lace up boots. This is from Maladrino’s fall/winter 2013 collection. What makes it stunning is all the detail on the blouse, such as the sleeves and front placket, as well as the skirt with its scalloped hemline. Again, this is a look that does not know its season and could be worn anytime and anywhere! 

Black and white is THE quintessential color combination that never looks out of place no matter what time of year, and no matter what the temperature is outside. I wanted to give you some food for thought about this as we head into the holiday season. Not everything has to be about sparkle and shine, red and green, or fur and leather - we’ll get to those in future posts. Great looking pieces in black and white are always in stock at our stores. Goodwill makes it easy for you to try a trend without going overboard on your holiday budget. Now, as always, your donations and purchases really do allow you to give gifts of job training and support services to those who need it. I can’t think of anything that exemplifies the joy of the season more than that.

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