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Chill Chasers

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Nov 5, 2014 8:00:00 AM

winter accessoriesThere’s a rule in fashion that is never, ever, wrong … Accessories can make, or break, an outfit! There you have it. I’m not talking about jewelry or shoes here, but rather things we can’t do without during the cold-weather season. When it comes to wintertime fashion, there’s a lot of accessory choices that can help ward off the chilly temperatures while looking stylish at the same time. I keep all of my winter accessories in the coat closet by my front door, and I actually installed my closet pole about eight-inches higher than normal. This allowed me to also install some simple shelving underneath where my coats hang. On that shelving I have bins containing everything I might need as I head outdoors to start my day (or evening). I also store some cleaning supplies there as well. To get closet in order, you may want to start first by going through all of your gloves, scarves, hats and even sunglasses and pare them down to the ones you really love to wear on a daily basis. Then take the rest (if they’re in good condition) and donate them to Goodwill so that someone else might enjoy the warmth and style they provide. This will also help you understand what you might want to look for to fill in the gaps in your accessory arsenal. Here’s the top five items you should have in order to keep you toasty warm, and smoking hot fashion-wise, this fall and winter. 

winter hatsHats are always something that people have a hard time with. Most women don’t want to wear one in the winter because it might spoil their hairstyle. Men tend to stick to basic knit watch caps instead of exploring the possibility of other styles that could work. My advice to anyone is to have a small variety of hats that can be worn with multiple coats and colors. Loose knit caps have been in for men and women for quite a few seasons, and they’re characteristically slouchy, not tight.  But, also think in terms of berets, knit ski caps, hats with flaps that can be brought down to cover the ears if you like, and of course, the traditional knit ski hat. I have a great vintage-corduroy hat that I love to winter hatswear in the winter that came from Goodwill! Another reason I love it is because reminds me of my dad. Keep an eye out for something that will work for you and your lifestyle. Trust me, winter is a lot better when you’re confident AND warm at the same time!

scarvesScarves are a given at this time of year, but knowing which ones to have, or even how many to have on hand, can be a problem for people. I’m always cold, so I love a good scarf! Personally I have quite a few cashmere scarves in a variety of colors because they’re both soft and lightweight. I also have a few patterened, acrylic-knit scarves that are easy to wash. Coordinating colors with coats and outerwear is fun, and makes the bleak days of winter a little more colorful.

glovesGloves are another thing you should have multiples of.  Leather, knit, microfiber, and nylon are a good mixture to match the weather. You want light weight gloves for driving and heavier, sturdy gloves for doing outdoor activities for protection. I have a ton of gloves of all kinds including some vintage, leather embellished-navy blue knit Bill Blass gloves that I bought at Goodwill for just $1.99! Again, a variety will help you navigate the weather and give you a sense of style on the worst winter day.

vestA down or fleece vest is a great layering piece over, or even under, lighter-weight sweaters and coats. Basic primary colors always seem to work for me during the winter months, such as red or blue. But, you might like to find one that has a cool print like leopard or plaid. If you’re really on the edge, you could go for a fluffy, faux fur for a boho-inspired look. If you’re more traditional, find a quilted-outdoorsy vest for a more sporty and classic vibe. I have actually seen fleece vests layered under athletic warm-ups. Whatever works for you is a good rule of thumb.

At Goodwill you’ll find a variety of items that could fit the bill for your winter-accessory needs, and perhaps bring some stylish warmth to the season ahead.  Always scan our bins and areas above the coat racks for unique vintage pieces, and more. When you support our stores with your purchases or donations, you’re actually supporting your own community and our mission to help those in need with the warmth of your kind generosity. 

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