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Street Style Savvy!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jul 2, 2014 1:32:00 PM

street style savvyWhenever I’m out and about walking around the city in the summer, I’m inspired by all I see around me. From seeing something like this colorful mural painted on the side of a building, to the constant parade of unique summer attire, there is always a lot to take in.  Do you people watch too? I’m fascinated by what people choose to wear to illustrate their personality and fashion point of view. Street style has become a popular subject ever since the internet allowed fashionable folks to herald their clothing choices to the world via their websites, blogs, and other sources.  While I’m in New York for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I always pay particular attention to the folks lining up out on the street, or in the tents to see the fashion shows.  In many cases, the outfits worn by those attending are a lot more interesting than those being shown on the runway! I assembled a few shots of a diverse group of individuals who really think outside the box when it comes to personal style. The key to doing any outfit is not being afraid to forge your own style and then OWN it! Now I’m not here to say we should copy these outfits at all, but each of these folks has some great ideas for pulling it all together and isn’t that what fashion is about?

street style savvyWe all know that white is practically made for summer, and that’s why I love this look. She maintains a nod to her culture with her head scarf, modest blouse and jeans, but she really plays up the fashion with all the other elements!  The stunning metallic blazer is just absolutely amazing, and it looks terrific with all the other pieces in white. The real take away from her look here is the pop of royal blue in both her necklace and her handbag. Her shoe choice is a summer classic, too - a nude pump. A nude shoe will take you so much farther in your stylish summer as opposed to a matchy-matchy white shoe or sandal.

street style savvyNot so basic black? This gentleman has a DIY feel to his look and I like it! He’s taken the humble safety pin and made it into a fashion statement by pinning lots of them to the sleeves of his v-neck sweater. Notice how he’s also layered a dress shirt with cut off sleeves over his statement piece. The tuxedo-style pants and obi-sash belt are cool, too. A chunky gold necklace and porkpie hat finish it off nicely. Too much? Perhaps, but this is a great example of monochromatic dressing taken to a personal and high-fashion level. There are great ideas here!

street style savvyBoldly going there is this gal who takes all kinds of fashion elements and mixes them up! Aside from her pastel hair color, she has on a trendy blue motorcycle-style jacket worn over a chevron-pattern blouse in classic black and white. It shouldn’t work, but it certainly does!  She has overloaded with the jewelry for sure, with the blinged-out citrus hued necklace and the oval cameo earrings that are also jewel embellished.  And, just for more fun, she’s sporting some serious cocktail rings.  Now, I think deleting all the jewelry and going with some smaller silver or metallic jewelry might have been safer, but I applaud her for wearing her entire jewelry box at once!  Her air of confidence makes this unconventional look work for her, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Whether you’re seeking to ramp up your street-style credibility, or just want to infuse your wardrobe with some new-to-you pieces, Goodwill is the place to start your experiments in fashion-forward fun.  While you might not get your picture taken while you’re out on the town, you will have the satisfaction of knowing your purchases and donations help those less fortunate reap the benefits of our mission. 

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