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Do’s and Don’ts for Summer Fashion - Part 2

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jun 11, 2014 3:17:00 PM

summer fashionHere’s some tips and tricks about the way to dress as the days get lighter and brighter. The summer season lets us shed all the layers of the drab and cold, winter to show off some of our true style colors. Summer is also the time to take a long, hard look at just what makes any outfit into envy-worthy fashion. Utilizing some photographs that I’ve taken during my twice yearly stints at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, I point out the elements that anyone can use to put some punch into every outfit they wear. 

DO wear stripes especially those done in graphic black-and-white, like this cropped jacket from the Art Institute of New York runway show that demands attention in a clean and modern way. The crisp definition that exists between the contrasting stripes is what makes it work. Usually horizontal is NOT a good way to go, but in this case because it’s cropped, it works brilliantly to set off the more simple black tank dress. Stripes always work best when worn with simple, solid color pieces the best.

summer fashionDO throw some shade at people with some cool sunglasses. They don’t have to be expensive, but they do have to fit your face and your style to a “T.”  For example, here is Jay Manuel from America’s Next Top Model sporting some wire-rimmed aviator-style shades, while the fan next to him dons some RayBan-style retro sunglasses in a rich red.  They also score some style points by adding just one statement piece, such as Jays graphic print t-shirt and the other gentleman’s tomato red chino’s.

summer fashionDON’T wear a print that overwhelms the rest of your look. This gal has a ton of elements right, but this print jacket looks a lot more “Golden Girls” than it does high-end chic. The color is not great with her skin tone, and the print is just too much with all the black pieces in the ensemble. A better way to go might have been a simpler pattern, or one that had less white in it. In other words, basically all you see is the jacket and not the lovely lady.

summer fashionDO wear a nude shoe, whether a heel or a sandal, with the bright colors of summer. Again, this follows the simple rule of overkill. With the buttery yellow top and the color-blocked mini skirt in such bright hues, it would be wrong to try to match a shoe to those intense colors. Instead, the nude shoe allows the rest of the outfit to shine and makes her gams look a million miles long!

summer fashionDO look for an interesting neckline on blouses and dresses, such as this blouse with a jewels-embellished round neckline.  It draws attention to her face and allows her to pretty much go jewelry free as well. Her soft, yet colorful make up here is also given a chance to stand out in a good way, but not compete with the top. All in all, a perfect summer look.

summer fashionDON’T be afraid to go floral and flirty with breezy summer dresses like the one shown here. DO pair such dresses with a nude sandal like these awesome wedges that compliment, but don’t detract, from the airy feel of the lightweight-cotton dress.  

DO make a habit of shopping at your local Goodwill store where you DON’T know what you might find, but you always know that your purchases and donations of gently-used items support our mission to help those less fortunate!


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