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Summer Fashion Do’s and Don’ts - Part 1

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jun 4, 2014 2:07:00 PM

summer fashionThe minute the mercury rises above freezing, some people automatically reach for the athletic shorts, t-shirts and flip flops right? We’ve seen them out on the street, in the grocery store, and all around town. But, I beg to ask you, do they look fashionable? Sporting your summer fashion looks prematurely isn’t always a good thing. The importance of putting a little more thought and consideration into what you wear is what I have dedicated many years of my life to helping people understand. I know we all want to collectively strut our stuff when the sunshine makes an appearance again, but be aware that somewhere someone (like me) is watching and taking note. Herewith, the first installment of my do’s and don’ts for summertime fashion success! All photos were taken by me at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC.

DON’T wear items that do not fit your body. Clothes that are too tight and bulge in all the wrong places are not sexy. In fact they’re just the opposite. They draw attention in a negative way.

DO try wearing clothes that skim the body and put emphasis on your best assets - like this empire-waist sleeveless dress that floats away from the mid-section while putting emphasis on the legs and neckline.

summer fashionDON’T wear all of your animal and bold print items at once. Too many things for the eye to take in makes for a mish-mash mess, and I mean that in a kind way. This gal on the left is stunning for sure, but one or another of the elements in this ensemble don’t have a chance to stand out. The heavy black handbag just seems to overwhelm the look, as well as the black and white scarf. I have no problem with the hair and makeup here at all, but wouldn’t she look better if she ditched the scarf and handbag?

DO try to have only one focal point in your ensemble, and think of the rest of your accessories as supporting players to help that piece stand out!

summer fashionDO wear black and white pieces with abandon. Black and white is the most versatile color combination and always tends to look classy. In this look on the right, a sleeveless white blouse with black detail stands out with her simple pencil skirt. DO look for statement accessories like this statement “telephone” handbag by Ines Figaredo.

summer fashionDON’T go too sheer with tops and dresses. I know that the trend is to allow your undergarments to show, but not everyone pulls that off successfully. If you’re going to do this trend take a tip from this photo. She is wearing a high-waist skirt, and a long-line camisole-type bra underneath the sheer t-shirt top she has tied at the waist. The monochromatic color palette looks elegant, and the jewelry is just right with this look. Going bare shouldn’t mean literally showing too much skin.

summer fashionDO jazz up the everyday outfit with exciting accessories, like this gal I got a photo of in the crosswalk. She has on a pretty basic look, but her interesting shoes make it into up-to-the minute fashion!

summer fashionDON’T forget to dress up your hair when going out in public! Sometimes just a little effort will go a long way towards a lasting impression. Look at how cool this simple flower accessory makes her off-the-shoulder top look.

Fashion success in the summer relies on many factors, including having a great number of pieces to mix and match with your seasonal basics. That’s why taking a look at what your local Goodwill store has to offer is always on trend and on budget. Our well maintained and organized stores allow you to pinpoint what you need to step up your wardrobe, and your purchases help make the world a warmer and brighter place for those less fortunate, by supporting our mission. Stay tuned for my next installment of DO’S and DON’TS in the months to come!

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